Voice-controlled Ai Startup Launches to Serve Cryptocurrency Newcomers and the Trading Community

AiBB (pronounced Abe) is a smart trading assistant (PRNewsfoto/AiBB)

TORONTOAug. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Startup veteran Kelghe D’cruz was fed up with speculative, error-prone information in the cryptocurrency trading world. He created AiBB (pronounced Abe), a new crypto assistant, designed to simplify the entire trading process for new and seasoned investors. It uses advanced patent-pending Ai technology in the cryptocurrency world to offer some of the same tools traditional currency traders have: unbiased analysis from thousands of sources, accurate rates, single logins across exchanges, heightened levels of security, and even banking services for EU clients for easy transfer and access to spending funds.

AiBB focuses on fundamental problems of a decentralized and growing new market.  It’s hard to know who to trust, and new traders don’t even know how to buy and sell their assets, find the best prices, and work across exchanges.

With thousands of newly minted coins, companies, fluctuating prices, and exchange platforms it can intimidate any would-be trader. Reviews can often be bought, introducing human bias into what should be a data and market-based decision.

“It’s not the lack of information,” D’cruz says. “It’s the lack of accurate, unbiased, actionable information.”

What happens in a market with inaccurate assessment and a perception of insecurity? Price volatility. But with AiBB, investor education happens automatically with machine learning solutions that take human bias and speculation out of trading.

AiBB is founded on the idea that smarter is better. “We don’t use the term Ai lightly,” D’cruz said, noting that the technology that gives actionable trading advice is patent-pending and goes beyond current use of bots in the field. It uses proprietary algorithms that sift through thousands of sources, assess their accuracy, and analyze them against the market. “Our Ai currently does this in non-crypto environments that is spread across a number of verticals, we are bringing it into the crypto ecosystem to help stabilize and make sense of this market,” he says.

Ultimately, AiBB’s mission is about giving better tools to traders.  AiBB has developed a prototype and will release features as the product develops.

About AiBB

AiBB is an all-in-one solution that takes the smartest artificial intelligence of the FIAT world and applies it to the wild west of cryptocurrency. Founded in early 2017, AiBB trades, predicts, and guards investments to make for more successful traders, all from a voice-first platform. Our Ai assistant prototype can be found at https://aibb.io/aibb-prototype/



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