The CIX Summit 2024, powered by ELEVATE: Spotlight on startups and investment opportunities

CIX, powered by Elevate, is Canada’s largest startup awards program that brings together Canada’s most promising tech founders, global investors, and industry advisors to showcase Canada’s most promising early and growth-stage tech companies and power new investment deals.


CIX Summit 2024 is taking place in downtown Toronto from March 26 to March 27. The summit kicked off with an intimate evening of curated speakers and a cocktail reception at Design Exchange.

Vinod Kholsa, Khosla Venture on the opening nite of CIX Summit 2024

Why attend? CIX, powered by ELEVATE, is an annual conference with over 250 curated startups, serving as a great business and tech networking hub where you can meet potential investors and create new investment opportunities. The agenda of the summit offers lectures with tech visionary leaders and thinkers, with Vinod Khosla as the keynote speaker, workshops, rocket pitches, CIX TOP 20 & TOP 10 Awards showcase, and interactive discussions with founders and investors.

Get ready to be inspired by great panelists, to explore tech innovation, and discover new investment opportunities at The CIX Summit 2024. See you there!

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