Maya Ritchie: Transforming Web Design and Marketing with Creativity


In the busy world of creating websites and advertising, Maya Ritchie shines as an entrepreneur who loves being creative and helping clients succeed. We talked to Maya in an interview to learn about her experiences since she started her exciting journey just eight months ago.

Maya believes it’s important to pay attention right from the beginning when starting a business. She likes to share ideas and work closely with others, making her approach to business friendly and open.

Maya Ritchie UX
Maya Ritchie UX

“I went to UofT for UI and web development. So that mostly came from wanting to do graphic design. But I realized graphic design wasn’t as profitable as web development could be.” – Maya

Maya used to be interested in making pictures and designs, but she discovered that making websites could be more profitable. She learned about making websites at UofT, and that’s when she decided to focus on web design and marketing.

Starting her business wasn’t easy, but Maya found her own style and began helping small businesses with their websites. She also helps businesses improve their websites so they can attract more customers and make more sales.

Maya Ritchie UX
Maya Ritchie UX

“I think carving out your style, like just carving it out and you’ll draw people that also like that style.” – Maya

Maya has been running her business for eight months now and has already helped many businesses succeed. She says the best way to get new customers is when someone recommends her to others. Maya’s advice to anyone starting a business is to start small, have a clear plan, and keep going even when things get tough.

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Maya Ritchie continues to help businesses with their websites and advertising, making sure they connect well with customers and make a profit. Her journey is all about being creative, working with others, and never giving up on reaching her goals.

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Author: Ishmamah Jahan is 4th- year student at Brock University specializing in Tourism Administration. She skillfully merges her business-focused tourism expertise into content creation and marketing. She is based out of St.Catharines in the Niagara Region. If you have any stories to share, please feel free to reach out

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