Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Photo by Joan Azeka on Unsplash

Pickleball Canada Thinks Turkey for National Protein Partnership

TORONTO,Ā Feb. 28, 2024Ā /CNW/ - Today, Pickleball Canada named Think Turkey as the National Protein Partner of Pickleball Canada and Presenting Partner of the 2024...
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Canadian retail investors view AI as more of a risk to responsible investment decisions...

TORONTO,Ā Feb. 29, 2024Ā /CNW/ - The vast majority of Canadian retail investors are concerned about AI and want to see risk mitigation embedded in their...
AI, the impact on jobs and how to be prepared.

AI Impact on Jobs and Preparedness: Hispanotech + Deloitte

Event: AI Impact on Jobs and Preparedness Symposium Date: March 14th and 15th, 2024 Time: 5:30 PM EST onwards Location: 8 Adelaide...
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Paramount+ in Canada & inkcanada partner to Connect Emerging Writers with Industry Allies

ORONTO,Ā Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ - Paramount+ in CanadaĀ and inkcanada are pleased to announce the return of #inkdrinksĀ Toronto, a series of six in-person professional networking...
A mountaineer going across the mountain on a rope

Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour in Toronto on March 8-10, 2024!

TORONTO,Ā Feb. 27, 2024Ā /CNW/ - The Alpine Club of Canada Toronto Section is excited to host the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour! The...

Zeidler + Hallmark Hospitality unveil new designs for 901 West Broadway hotel

February 27, 2023 (Vancouver, Canada) ā€“ National architecture firm, Zeidler Architecture (Zeidler), is presenting updated designs for 901 West Broadway, a new hotel project...
Group picture of the founders of Shake Therapy - Dosa Eatery Restaurant with the Mayor of Niagara Falls

Shake Therapy-Dosa Eatery: A Fresh Addition to Niagara Fallsā€™ Culinary Scene

This restaurant is already causing a stir after only three weeks of operation because of its dedication to excellence, originality, and community involvement. With...
A Female owner at her cosmetics vendors booth

Empowering Beauty: The FabFacesByF story

Fiona, the creative force behind this distinguished business, has been creating beauty items that go beyond makeup for over 4.5 years, providing a platform...
A vintage clothing store from outside

Discover Vintage Treasures at Out of the Past in St. Catharines

  Step into a world of nostalgia with Tammy Ziegler, your vintage style guru and the creative force behind Out of the Past boutique in...
A blues musician playing the guitar

Discovering Depths of Soul with Jwoel “Jay Blues”

What initially drew you to the blues genre, and how did you get started in music? ā€œI was initially drawn to the Blues due to...
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