DFFRNT Media Raises Growth Capital Through Two New Minority Shareholders: Media Entrepreneur John de Mol’s Talpa Network, and tcc global


AMSTERDAM, January 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Both investors clearly see the powerful potential in combining unique content experiences with next generation tech platforms for the future of marketing

DFFRNT Media, pioneers in digital media specialised in next generation tech platforms, today announced that international marketing loyalty business, tcc global, and Talpa Network, the multimedia company of entrepreneur and creator of Big Brother and The Voice, John de Mol, have each acquired a minority interest in the business.

As part of the DFFRNT Media investment, John de Mol also financially builds on Talpa Network’s media for equity strategic pillar, further substantiated and complemented by an additional investment in Fitchannel.com, the fast-growing personalised online home-fitness platform.

tcc global and DFFRNT MEDIA in turn consolidate a collaboration that aspires to transform traditional marketing models by combining the worlds of digital IP development, media, retail and loyalty. In a step-change that heralds the marketing company of the future linked to the emerging platforms under the celebrated GAFA economy (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), the partnership will operate at a unique intersection of content, data and technology, creating a model that enables a more content-centric and meaningful approach to consumer engagement.

The investors foresee an acceleration of more sophisticated new initiatives and highly targeted tech platforms and immersive media like virtual reality and augmented reality to drive sales growth and brand equity for businesses around the world.

The Founders of DFFRNT MEDIA, said:

We are moving towards a platform economy in which success is defined by the ability to engage people in a relevant and meaningful way. We are proud to bring two such international powerhouses on board within 12 months after the start of our company. Such investments will give us the ability to play on a global level. We will be able to move into new markets, attract top talent, develop new digital IP and help clients with their digital transformation at the highest possible level.

Julian Rivas Toro, tcc global Executive Vice-President of Innovation and Business Design said:

The platform economy demands transformation when it comes to engendering true loyalty from customers in terms of repeat behaviour and customer retention across all categories. This move will enable us to complement, curate and deliver the best, increasingly personalised content, to the right audiences, across the best possible technology platforms. Not only does this mean a more enriched customer experience, it creates new ways for businesses and brands to connect with customers whilst driving value in the process. This new commercial proposition will help us deliver new loyalty models and platforms to increase the lifetime value of connected customers.

Set to disrupt existing marketing models in attracting, engaging and retaining customers whilst driving competitive advantage for businesses, tccglobal and DFFRNT MEDIA have already been collaborating on augmented and virtual reality platforms for future-orientated customer experiences in retail across European markets, and due soon globally. Futhermore, it follows the more recent and promising launch of Fitchannel.com in The Netherlands and with global expansion plans, as a platform that aspires to transform the way in which people experience and achieve their fitness. The collaboration will fuel and find a strong hub in tcc global’s brand new Innovation and Business Design Centre, just launched in Amsterdam and led by Julian Rivas Toro.

The team behind DFFRNT Media and its international network are recognised internationally as using content + technology to deliver a positive impact on people’s lives. This also extends to helping businesses drive digital innovation and transformation to prepare themselves for the future.

International loyalty marketing company, tcc global, specialises in the use of data, insights and creativity to deliver tailor-made solutions which engage and reward loyalty from customers whilst driving sustainable growth to clients. Recognised as an industry leader, it already works with an enviable portfolio of clients and brand partners including Tesco, Burger King, Carrefour, Red Bull Racing, MasterChef, Universal and Warner Brothers.


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