POP, CLINK, FIZZ – FrontRunner Technologies Serves Up First-Ever Binaural DOOH Campaign with Campari Canada


TORONTO – November 7, 2019 — FrontRunner Technologies, the retail renaissance leader and innovative martech company, today launched an enticing and immersive digital-out-of-home (DOOH) campaign with Campari Canada, refreshing the image of the company’s iconic, two-century-old brand, Grand Marnier. The binaural campaign is the first of its kind in DOOH tech, inviting consumers to explore and experience the French liqueur’s versatility in modern cocktails through both video and sound.

Operating in two eye-catching and interactive FrontRunner WindowFront locations in Toronto, the hyper-targeted, street-level campaign entices passersby to “stop for a drink” with vibrant digital content and unique binaural sound integration via FrontRunner’s FireFly Flare. From the pop of a bottle, to the sparkling sizzle of champagne bubbles and the clink of ice in a glass, consumers engaging with the campaign are transported to feel as if they are actually at a bar with a custom Grand Marnier drink being made for them.

“We recognize that we not only have to keep up with our customer’s changing tastes for spirits, but also for the way they consume digital content and where we can reach our audiences, says Alyssa De Bartolo, Senior Brand Manager – Premium Spirits, Campari Canada. “Cocktails are a sensory experience, and the capabilities FrontRunner’s FireFly Flare affords brands like ours, allows us to engage with the senses of our audiences in new ways. This is something we are thrilled to be a part of and look forward to seeing the results of.”

Toronto-based FrontRunner Technologies and its partner deeroted immersive drove the campaign, leading the content, creative and technological implementation through their interactive WindowFronts. This is the second audio-integrated campaign launched with FrontRunner’s street-level platforms and the FireFly Flare, allowing audiences walking by the displays to simply hold their WiFi-enabled device up to the Flare beacon to receive a link to the full video, more information, accompanying sounds, payment options and more.

“This campaign marks how sound integration is adding a brand-new dimension to outdoor advertising, just as DOOH is bringing new life to legacy brands,” says Amanda Dorenberg, Chief Information Officer at FrontRunner Technologies. “We are constantly pushing innovations in our tech to create 360-degree sensory experiences for brands to connect with consumers. This engagement, shot specifically for the binaural sound experience, is unprecedented and memorable, creating a new way for brands to remain timeless in the digital age.”



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