Toronto Tech Fest 2024: A Week of Innovation

Toronto Tech Fest, a highly anticipated event in the Canadian tech calendar, is set to take place from May 21-24, 2024. 


Toronto Tech Fest aims to connect aspiring startups, founders, and investors by bringing Canada’s tech community together and creating a vibrant space for networking, learning, and collaboration. The festival will feature over 80 events and has already garnered 6,000 RSVPs.

Toronto Tech Fest 2024

The event promises a platform for innovation through a week full of online and in-person events and gatherings. Toronto Tech Fest 2024, organized by Aceocial and local Toronto founders, is kicking off with the inaugural Toronto Tech Fest Gala on the evening of May 20, supported by OneEleven.

Toronto Tech Fest 2024

In an exclusive Q&A interview, key organizers Michael Liu and Mell Truong highlighted the primary factor behind the rapid growth of Toronto Tech Fest:

Michael Liu, Toronto Tech Fest 2024

Michael Liu: “The Toronto tech community has been the biggest driver in making Toronto Tech Fest what it is today! With over 98% of the events on our calendar being community-driven events, the rapid growth in Toronto Tech Fest is nothing less than the entire ecosystem coming together to showcase themselves on a global stage.”

Mell Truong, Toronto Tech Fest 2024

Mell Truong: “Toronto Tech Fest came to be with a mission for it to be by the community, for the community. It is incredible to see the uptake and collaboration between our team and all of our event hosts that are choosing to put on an event or activation for the greater good of the Toronto tech community. As an ‘unconference’ model, we can clearly see a thirst from the community for a model like this, which exists in the major tech hubs in the States but currently not in Toronto.”

When asked which event tech entrepreneurs should not miss, Michael Liu shared his excitement about the Toronto Tech Fest Official Rooftop Mixer. “We’re hosting a 1000+ person rooftop party on May 25 that promises to be the biggest gathering of founders, investors, operators, and business leaders in the city to date! Whether you’re looking for a co-founder to build your startup, funding for that next stage of growth, a big business deal to put in the books, or simply locking in your next tech role, this is the event for you!”

Toronto Tech Fest 2024

At Onside Media, we didn’t miss an opportunity to ask Michael Liu for advice for aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to make a significant impact:

Michael Liu: “Leveraging the power of community is one of the best ways to catapult yourself and your mission forward. Regardless of whether it’s learning from founders one or two steps ahead, discovering that 10x or 100x talent hire, or serendipitously finding an opportunity with a potential partner, actively participating in an ecosystem of smart, engaged, and supportive people significantly increases your chances of making a meaningful impact.”

Don’t miss out on Toronto Tech Fest 2024 – an eventful week bringing together Canada’s tech community for innovation and collaboration.

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