Opinion: Pandemic led to innovative start-ups: Sarah Syed


Creativity and expansion have taken sharp turns during the pandemic. While there have been many losses in conventional nine to five work environments, the growth and development in business space have opened up to explore the previously explored territories. This basking into the unknown and creating undiscovered but concrete ideas has led people to start up their businesses and step into the world of entrepreneurship. Some are passion-driven businesses, while others silhouetted out of the colossal void created by the pandemic for working professionals.

“I used to work all day long at the office, but I always insisted on the importance of digital media. Once I started working on my own, I started getting projects through referrals, and now I own my own digital media company”. Najma Malik, the owner of NJ Media, had a proud expression to make while explaining how digital media is ruling the world during these trying times.

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Many exasperated individuals still minimal in business-ship have a gush of ideas and are going through brainstorming sessions to make the enterprise a possibility. It is indeed exciting to know that they have found it quite doable, which once seemed daunting.


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Nevertheless, the fact remains undeniable that the working class did suffer a loss. Barnett Dhaliwal, the owner of Laser Bee Clinic, urged people to support small businesses. “I request individuals to buy gift cards for their spouses, friends, and family so when we open our clinic next year, they may redeem it.”

Rest assured, the individuals who owned the businesses where human interaction is involved started online consultations to keep going. Trainers at YMCA and other community centers took the initiative of holding their dance, yoga, aerobic, and other similar practices online and have joined the entourage of business owners.

While the gyms and pools are closed for an unspecified time, the weight loss regimes, supplements, and online sessions have stormed the world. People on a mass level wake up from being couch potatoes to a sudden whim of becoming and staying vigorous.

Bars, cafés, and restaurants haven’t enjoyed the crowd for a very long time but tiffin services, food, and beverages, patisseries are showing a creative spark from homes. We would not be mindless to say that this all is preparing these innovative startups to build their foundations until the norms start reappearing, and practicality would demand the second phase of expansion.

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Online platforms for virtual conferences and classrooms are now meeting the challenges of being surrounded by competitors in the market. Technologies with enhanced features and options are letting kids party online. Different types of project management software have splashed in various forms, giving the team a virtual collaboration to keep one and all updated.

Sports, gaming industries, cinematic and theatrical entertainment, amusement, and theme parks are planning stages about magnifying and starting up from the ground again once the world re-opens. They did not stop here but have managed significantly to keep their audience amused by introducing drive-thru experiences during Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

Pandemic has not only hit hard, but it has also left stubborn marks on all living generations. Bottling up the emotion of staying in solitude would be a denial of acceptance of reality. But it would be a justified claim to make that at the same time, the story of survival and creating trademarks out of nothingness will make history.

When the loss is balanced with faith, it is not a net loss. “Innovation” is the key.

Sarah Syed
Sarah Syed

Author: Sarah Syed, Content Writer, Toronto, Canada. If you have more stories to share, kindly email:- saraimransyed@hotmail.com


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