New App DoYourThing allows Users to Discover Events in Local Neighborhoods



NEW YORK, Jan. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DoYourThing (DYT) is a smart, casual and fun app that allows users to organize and participate in activities in their neighborhood or when traveling. What would you like to do today?¬†A movie, dinner with friends, a music concert? Find events of interest in DYT. Make new friends over dinner, go to music concerts with friends, take advantage of sale events, learn a new sport¬†or organize a reunion party. The possibilities are endless.

Active events in the user’s neighborhood are displayed in the order of location proximity or event time. DYT has three basic views: New, Me¬†and Memories. “New” displays open events within the configured radius. “Me” displays events that have been organized or in which the user is participating. “Memories” contains completed events that a user¬†has actively participated in. Each event in New, Me¬†and Memories allows the user to share, like, review¬†and post their thoughts about the event on other social media like Facebook, Twitter¬†and WhatsApp.

Users can organize, join and chat with other event participants. Prioritize or Filter events with the click of a smart tag to view events of matching interest. Customize events with pictures, description, event URL, location and date/time. An external web link can be added to the event by simply entering the URL in the event description field. Organizing events in DYT is free and easy.  DYT allows users to create public or private events. Invite participants to the event via social media, email or Messaging. Private event invitations can be sent only by email or Messaging and are only visible to users who have been explicitly invited by the organizer. Event participants receive real-time notifications about their events.

DYT detects¬†user’s current geolocation and shows events of interest, within the configured radius. Displayed events are¬†paginated¬†so a user is not overwhelmed by too many events. Scrolling up from the bottom of any view will fetch more events.¬†The App has a default radius of 100 km (~62 miles) and allows for a maximum radius of 250 km (~155 miles). “We want people to¬† use the platform to participate and organize interesting events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paid or free event, there is no charge for organizing events in DYT,” says Cairo Gil, the company spokesperson.

DYT has event coverage in over 170 popular cities worldwide.¬†“The App is sleek, modern¬†and intuitive with the ability to host compelling content,” says Gil. “We want people to have fun and active lives. We believe DYT facilitates this in an appealing and simple way.”

SOURCEPR Newswire, Purplebat LLC


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