Hunter and Angler Preserves Memories: Feathers and Fins Taxidermy

Feathers and Fins Taxidermy: Hunter and Angler provide custom animal preservation services to those who have found or harvested an animal. 


Onside Media spoke with Greg Intini, a passionate outdoorsman in Grassie, Ontario, about his taxidermy business, Feathers and Fins Taxidermy. As a hunter and angler, he collected taxidermy work himself before learning the art of taxidermy. With a natural artistic ability, Greg practiced and advanced his skills for five years, offering his services to friends and family. Now with ten years of experience, Greg continues to develop his skill set and expand his portfolio.  

Lesser scaup duck completed by Feathers and Fins Taxidermy

Can you explain the process of getting an animal preserved?

Taxidermist work in itself is only mounting an animal for someone else. Customers have either found a dead animal or they have harvested one themselves. They then contact a taxidermist like me to preserve the animal for the foreseeable future. I connect more with providing services to hunters and anglers more than people who find their animals. I enjoy it more because I know that I am preserving the memory of the animal. The time it takes to complete a piece can vary, but it usually takes around 15-20 hours.

Deer mount completed by Feathers and Fins Taxidermy

What makes your services unique compared to other taxidermists?

I don’t know if it is unique, but there are different levels of taxidermy, and it does come down to getting what you pay for. Some taxidermists charge very little and do terrible jobs, while there are taxidermists who are more expensive and put more care into replicating that animal as best as they know-how. Those who are more careful and have practiced in their profession go to the next level and compete against other taxidermists in competitions which is another good way for the market to gauge the quality of services.

Greg Intini giving his father a replica of his derby winning Brown Trout from the 1980s

What are your business mission and goals?

For myself, providing the highest quality of the product that I can make is an everlearning task so far. It will be interesting to see the product that I am producing five years from now. The services I provide will also continue to expand as I get more willing to take on new animals. I started out specializing in waterfowl, and since then, I’ve expanded to deer, replica fish, and other mammals.

Replica Black Crappie by Feathers and Fins Taxidermy

What are some challenges that your business encounters?

“I think the biggest challenge is the idea that it is morbid to have taxidermy inside of your home. Many people don’t understand the effort hunters and anglers put into harvesting the animal and the personal connection, and that aspect gets overseen by the general public creating a niche market. Also, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, my customers can’t come directly to me to drop off animals, and many customers couldn’t get out hunting at all.”

The art of taxidermy thrives on passion and connecting with a community of hunters and anglers alike. With the help of positive word-of-mouth recommendations and industry knowledge, Greg anticipates growth. To see more of Greg’s work and learn more about the industry, visit Feathers and Fins Taxidermy on Instagram and Facebook.

Workspace at the Feathers and Fins


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Kathryn Intini
Kathryn Intini

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