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You want know  reasons to study at lambton college .You are at the right place.One of the most important decisions of your life is co-dependent on the next step of the entire process, and you can easily feel like you made the wrong decision if you do not make the right choice.

I am talking about moving to a different country for further studies.

Now, that you have made that decision. The next step is to select the right institution that will not only help you grow as a student and get the desired skills but also helps you to understand and learn about various aspects of life concerning an international student.

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Let me help you from personal experience and tell you how I made this decision myself and why I decided to get into Lambton College.https://www.lambtoncollege.ca/toronto

I would call them the best five reasons to get into Lambton College, Toronto.

Living in Toronto

If I must explain to get you excited about Toronto, I do not think Canada is for you.

The moment I think about Canada and especially Toronto, the first thing that comes to mind is the CN tower, the most prestigious accomplishment and attraction in Canada. The best part is you can spot it from everywhere in Toronto.

Apart from sightseeing, cultural diversification is one of the reasons I love Toronto. Diverse food culture, different fashion values, and different countries living together in unison is something to look forward to. if you want to know more about partime job refer thishttps://theonside.com/education/how-to-find-part-time-jobs-in-canada-neeraj-nair/

Wide array of courses

To be precise, Lambton College in Canada offers 129 courses. Hospitality, Information Technology (IT), Medicine, Business and Marketing are examples of some of the fields provided by Lambton College.

These fields have further sub-courses which give you a wide range to choose from and help expand your academic background.

Co-Op and two-year courses

Even though no one will agree if asked directly we select or choose two-year courses, so in return, we can get three years of work permit once done with our studies.

To be honest, this is understandable because you made a big decision, took a chance on life and the least you hope for is some security in return.

Another reason to study at Lambton college is the Co-Op opportunities and Co-Op courses which can help students understand the Canadian work environment and helps them find work in Canadian industries and they have tons of options to choose from.

International Campus

Lambton College has two international campuses, three locations in total Sarnia (main campus), and Toronto and Mississauga (international campus).

The reason I count this as a value is that sometimes things, new cultures, new faces, new places and even homesickness can overwhelm us and make us feel deprived of motivation and at that point seeing people from our home country can help us calm down and maybe get back the motivation and progression we need.

So, studying at a specific international campus can help.

Quality of Education and Life

Even though this is subjective to everyone’s own opinion, which is understandable, I believe that the quality of education and life has changed at an unimaginable pace.

Do not get me wrong, every place has its negatives and positives but certain things back home which I could only hope for or wish for to happen.

I am learning and getting to experience those things firsthand, and I do not mind saying that most parts of it have to do with Lambton and as well as Canada.

About the author: Girish Vohra is student at Lambton College, Toronto. For any more information kindly get in touch: Girishvohra7@gmail.com


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