Monday, January 24, 2022
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Bringing diversity in Canadian immigration: Aditi Soni

  According to a report by the Royal Bank of Canada, Immigration in Canada has faced a big hit and will continue for a second year...

Combatting the modern food environment with preventative health care products:Rav Malik

Rav Malik is enlightening a massive variety of audiences with his teachings of maintaining a consistently healthy lifestyle. He left medical school to start...

Our Virtual Karate session gets the entire family together: Sensei Michael Hirchberg, Zoom Kids...

The global pandemic disrupted schools everywhere in 2020. According to UNESCO's data, approximately 6,643,213 children in Canada were affected due to the impact of...

Improving Lives One Book at a Time: MS Society’s Read-a-Thon with Jaclyn Amar

Canada has one of the largest populations of people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) around the world. 12 Canadians are diagnosed with MS every day,...
Neil Logik Donaldson

Stolen From Africa empowers marginalized students: Neil “Logik” Donaldson

Stolen From Africa is a Toronto-based education organization that works in public schools to teach students of the culture and history of the African...

To get to ‘Yes,’ you must go through numerous ‘No’s: Amit Louis, Lee Laa...

Approximately 21.5% of the Canadian population in 2019 is estimated to be immigrants. And when immigrants move to Canada, they bring a rich culture, tradition, and...
The Young Leaders - Public Speaking class in Session(Pre-Covid Picture, Picture Courtesy - The Young Leaders

The Power of Public Speaking with Freedom Malhotra and Kyle Thompson

When considering the endless extracurricular activities to put your children in, a public speaking club is rarely considered a possible option. Activities in sports...
Dr. Lakshim Sammeta, Information Technology Expert and Founder of Tech Zenik

Keeping kids educated during pandemic is our main goal: TechZenik

Dr. Lakshmi Sammeta is the mind behind TechZenik, a STEM based education centre operating out of Scarborough, Ontario. Much like almost every other business...
Absorb Software Logo

Absorb Software Closes 2020 with Record Growth

Profitable SaaS Platform Eclipses $50 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue, Increases New Sales by 30%, and Sets Plans to Fuel Continued Customer Success and Growth in...
Aiden Luu, Brock Student Ambassador

International Students life during the Pandemic: Aiden Luu, Brock Student Ambassador

  The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted almost every aspects of life, from economic to social, everyone is affected on a different level. The Canada education...
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