Friday, March 1, 2024
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A vintage clothing store from outside

Discover Vintage Treasures at Out of the Past in St. Catharines

  Step into a world of nostalgia with Tammy Ziegler, your vintage style guru and the creative force behind Out of the Past boutique in...

Tubby K9 Tasty Treats, where whiskers meet wagging tails

What history and sources of inspiration led to the founding of the company? Vinay: Two years ago, Chelsea Szerepi and I established Tubby K9 Tasty...

Rescinded Job offer: What to do and how to bounce back

What is a Rescinded job offer? A rescinded job offer occurs when a company takes back an offer they previously gave you. This means the...

Tomorrow’s Voices: Free After-School Choir Programs for Kids

TomorrowÔÇÖs Voices provides free after-school choir programs to kids ages 8-18, led by professional, engaging and fun music directors. Tomorrow' Voices conducts choir programs...

How to travel in TTC?: Shone Rajan

"In Toronto TTC is all you see". As an international student in a new country and a travel enthusiast, I was exposed to new routes...

Best data plan for students in Canada – Jorlin Jose

Since technology has transformed the world, individuals are no longer reliant on antiquated methods of accomplishing things. Nowadays, we will notice that many people...

How to Cook – What you need to know before making your first meal

HOW TO COOK Knowing how to cook and make a couple of easy meals will make a drastic impact on your life financially wise. Especially...
How to not get scam

How to avoid SCAM while finding a house in Canada? Jameela H

  Starting new life An international student or immigrant may find it challenging to find housing, a roommate, a SIM card, and other necessities when they...
Photo by Jason Hafso on Unsplash

The Ultimate Post-Graduate Work Permit Guide

This is the ultimate post-graduate work permit guide you should review if you are an international student in Canada. The post-graduate work permit is granted...
How to complete assignments on time

How to complete assignments on time – Imran Shiraz Memon

Without assignments, student life is incomplete. These assignments help us improve our writing and analytical skills, whether in reports, projects, or presentations. While certain...
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