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Immigration has become an economic necessity for almost every country now. Getting a Canadian spouse visa is not very difficult, but there are certain points you should take care of while filing a spouse visa. In recent times people are traveling overseas for multiple reasons that include better job opportunities, lifestyle, wages, etc. Every year our immigration system is changing & improving drastically with the latest technologies. It’s now easier for anyone to file a visa remotely than it was before. Today we’ll discuss how to properly file a Spouse Visa in Canada.

Spouse Visa Documents

Proper documentation is a vital thing when filing a visa to any country. Even Canada abides by strict rules that any single misrepresentation can lead to a 5-year ban from the country. So the first & most important thing to remember is every single document submitted must be legit.

Okay, let’s start with Spouse Visas now. It can be mainly distinguished into two, First is a Spouse Sponsorship Visa which is only eligible for a partner of a spouse who is a Permanent Resident of Canada & the other is a Spouse Open Work Permit Visa which is eligible for those partners who are on a temporary visa in Canada that includes either on Study Permit & Work Permit. Both these visas have similar criteria while applying.

Dimensions for applying for Spouse Visa

An essential document required is a Valid PASSPORT with Spouse’s name added to it & a digital photo( 35mm × 45mm) of the applicant. The applicant must include evidence of enough funds to support their stay in Canada. He can include documents like the CA Evaluation Report of all the liquid & fixed asset holdings.

The inviter in Canada should write an invitation letter & the partner should also include a relationship report as well to mention their relationship timelines & purpose of travel. The inviter should also provide evidence of a valid study or work permit whichever he holds. If it’s a Study permit he should include documents like an Enrollment letter, Transcripts, LOA, and Fee payment receipt & if it’s a work permit then it should be employment letter & pay stubs. The sponsor should also provide a bank statement to show the proof of funds.

Moreover, you need to prove your relationship by submitting important supporting documents like a marriage certificate from both the government & church authorities. You can also include proof of any joint ownership like a Bank account, Properties, Utility bills, Insurance policies, etc. As always the best proof you can include in your ceremony photos. Photos clearly have an advantage & they can show your moments together. It can be anything like weddings, family gatherings, trips, etc. Building networks is very important, to know more about it, read more

Lastly including the communication proof helps the Visa Officer to understand that you are maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner while at distance as well. So even though all of these documents aren’t mandatory for the Visa I would suggest including most of them when filing a Spouse Visa. If you want to know more about visa processing talk to an expert


Author: Anju Mariya Mathew



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