Visit the Serene Laveanne & Lavender Labyrinth: Sabena Brazeau

Need day trip ideas for the Northumberland area this summer? Well Laveanne has your back, with all your calming lavender centered essentials in one place. Located just off the #9 highway Ganaraska Road in Campbellcroft you will find fields of Lavender and Lavandin to be explored. Lavandin is a French hybrid that produces larger, showy flowers. There's even a Labyrinth maze to be discovered.

Sabena Brazeau, Owner of Laveanne

A very tranquil place to hangout owner Sabena Brazeau, even makes her own lavender infused drinks and pastries, on the Terrace, they recommend packing your own picnic lunch and comforts for the day and enjoy the fields.

There’s even a nursery onsite, but the real interesting feature is the larger than life Labyrinth, whether you practice meditation, or want to reenact a movie maze scene with your kids, this feature is amazing and slows down life for all who visit. There are no visual barriers, it’s a place of calm and relaxation to let your mind wander.

Water based lavender sprays.

The family run lavender field was opened in 2013 due to a change in economy and market wanting higher revenue. The farming family used to have vegetables, herbs, and edible wildflowers run by Sabena’s husband.

Visit Laveanne

The Brazeau’s visited a farm in Quebec which proved mass lavender production was possible in Canada. Conditions here are not exactly favourable for the European plant, but their son’s (Logan) lavender collection from “Grow Tasty” sealed their fate that it could work. So in 2009 they started propagation of ten thousand plants.

Picture of Lavender oil on display along with many of their plastic flower arrangements made in store
Lavender oil on display along with many of their plastic flower arrangements made in store

Sabena is a very welcoming soft spoken, calm soul. She’s a wiz when it comes to anything Lavender, she will answer all your questions to your heart’s content. There is a lovely store on site with everything from lavender buds to bottled products to charms made by her daughter. Bonus, Sabena can tell you about the process to make Lavender oil and water with her copper steam distillation setup.

Imported from Europe, this special device distills and separates the water from the oil through heat and steam. All the hard work has been done for you to have two pure, elegant bottled products. The lavender infused oil is multi purpose, not just an essential oil, as it’s great for healing cuts and scrapes as a disinfectant, in history it was used when antiseptic was in short supply. Fun fact, lavender is a member of the mint family.

The soaps made by Sabena.
The soaps made by Sabena.

This farm was a joint effort, there is lots to be done year round, cultivation, weeding, watering, and harvesting are just a few steps taken to keep these fields in peak order. Her two daughters help with merchandising and distilling lavender petals.

Their three cats Butterscotch, Trinity and Coco are there to cheer on the business and you may get a glance at one of them if you’re lucky. This delightful, tranquil atmosphere is a must have stop if you’re motoring through Campbellcroft, it’ll remind you to slow down and center yourself amongst nature.

The jewelry made by her daughter and in the background lavender potpourri.

For more information:

Sabena Brazeau • Owner of Laveanne | Location: 8667 Gilmour Rd, Campbellcroft, ON L0A 1B0

Telephone: 705•201•1545 | Email: | Website:

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SOURCELaveanne, 8667 Gilmour Rd., Campbellcroft, Ontario, Canada


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