Songheart: Revolutionizing gift-giving with personalized songs

An incredible tale of fate and determination that brings together two individuals on a path to start a successful company. Like a harmonious music sheet with carefully selected clefs and notes that compose the melody of a unique idea, musical art, and true heart. Let us introduce you to Songheart, a platform revolutionizing personalized music gifting.


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Johnny Ioannou, Co-founder + CEO, Songheart

Songheart, a marketplace for unique music gifts, is inspired by a passion for music and the desire to create personalized experiences. The company specializes in custom-made song gifts that make every occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and “just because “moments unforgettable. Songheart is bridging the gap between consumers and talented and award-winning songwriters worldwide. At Collision Conference 2023, we met Johnny Ioannou, co-founder and CEO of Songheart, who shared with The Onside their startup business growth story.

From porch serenades to custom-made songs: The inspiring founder story

“Our founder’s startup story is a remarkable journey of serendipity and resilience that saw our relationship transform from artist/manager to co-founders at Songheart.Johnny enthusiastically recounts. “It all began when Scotty James, a talented and determined musician, randomly knocked on my door in 2010, performing door-to-door serenades to support his music career. Unbeknownst to him, he had no idea I was a music manager. Impressed by his passion and drive, I felt Scotty had the “it factor”; there was something truly special about that song he sang to me.” Johnny shares. “We soon embarked on a collaborative artist/manager relationship, setting goals and dreaming up a creative vision for our partnership in the music industry.”

Within ten months, the song Scotty sang at Johnny’s front door, “Wanna Be Loved,” defied the odds, soared to the top 20 on the Mediabase AC Charts, and hit the top 24 of the Billboard Emerging Charts. It even earned Scotty a prestigious Canadian Radio Music Award for Best Mainstream Artist, a significant achievement for an unsigned independent artist.

“I always believed that our serendipitous meeting in 2010 held a greater purpose. It’s remarkable to think that despite Scotty serenading hundreds of people, they all missed the chance to be part of a song that would later win a prestigious music award. Our story is one of destiny, still unfolding with an unwritten chapter.” …Johnny Ioannou.

As their journey unfolded, Johnny revealed that they navigated the music industry’s challenges and were determined to make waves. However, the pandemic presented unforeseen challenges, leading them to part ways. During this time of isolation and uncertainty, Johnny recounted how Scotty recognized an emerging demand for custom wedding songs to sustain his career.

This realization sparked their reunion, and in 2021, they joined forces again to create Songheart. “The pandemic became an opportunity for us to revolutionize personalized music gifting and offer a unique platform where artists and customers can connect through the power of custom song gifts for any occasion.” Johnny continues.

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Personalized and meaningful gift: Songheart helps to express true feelings in a song

“Everyone struggles with gift-giving and expressing how they feel about someone. We recognized a growing demand for personalized and meaningful gifts, especially in the post-pandemic era, where people seek more than just material possessions.” Johnny explains.

Johnny shares a moving story about song gifting from Songheart: “We have had the pleasure of witnessing countless heartwarming and unforgettable experiences with Songheart. One of our customers, Marie, wanted to surprise her teenage daughter battling a serious and life-threatening ailment with a song about courage, hope, and strength. She provided the backdrop to her story and journey, and one of our talented female artists wrote an inspiring and uplifting song called “You’re a Warrior” The song brought tears of joy to her recovery celebration.


These unique and meaningful experiences drive us to continue creating personalized songs that celebrate love, relationships, and the power of music. It’s our purpose and why we are so passionate about our work.”

Unparalleled personalization is what makes Songheart genuinely unique. Affordable custom songs with artist dedications in video format create an intimate and shareable gift, perfect for any occasion. “We’re also the first to launch a diamond artist marketplace, giving access to musicians recognized for their songwriting achievements in the music industry. On our roster, we have billboard charting artists, musicians that are blowing up on TikTok and Spotify, American Idol finalists, and reggae artists from Jamaica.”

How to transform your story into a song? Turning your story into a custom song with Songhert is a seamless and enjoyable process. Simply visit, share your story, select your artist or style preference, and choose your desired turnaround time. Songheart will curate a personalized song with the perfect artist for your unique story. Alternatively, you can explore their diamond marketplace and select from an array of award-winning and highly acclaimed artists from their roster. Songs are delivered digitally with a video recording,  custom dedication, and a keepsake lyric sheet, ensuring a one-of-a-kind gift.


Songbloc “wanna be loved”

Navigating Songheart’s future: Challenges and innovations, and long-term vision

Scaling up Songheart presents several challenges due to rapid growth in the personalized gift market, which is expected to reach $48 billion by 2030. The platform focuses on managing increased demand, maintaining quality, and meeting occasion deadlines. Our strategy includes improving operational processes, upgrading technology, and partnering with established artists. Access to larger seed capital through a mentor will accelerate the growth to meet the growing demand for personalized songs.

Songheart is committed to enhancing the experience with exciting future developments and features. “By investing in advanced technology, our goal is to create an intuitive, fun, and enjoyable customer journey that mirrors the excitement of planning a vacation. From artist selection, gifting budget to song customization, creating the perfect personalized song gift for your loved ones will be effortless and enjoyable. Because at Songheart, we believe gift-giving should be just as delightful as receiving!” Johnny details.

In the future, customers can expect an expanded artist marketplace with diverse musicians worldwide, offering a wider selection of styles, languages, and genres and anticipate expansion into the corporate and business world, where Songheart will play a significant role in enhancing brand identity and encouraging employee engagement through personalized songs. Additionally, the plan is to collaborate with charities, leveraging the power of custom songs to positively impact people’s lives and give back to the community.

The long-term vision is to be a leading artist marketplace for personalized songs, connecting artists worldwide with customers. Songheart prioritizes authenticity and the human touch in gift-giving, celebrating the craft of songwriting and live performances through video.

“As the future continues to advance technologically at a rapid pace, there will be an increasing emphasis on real-person experiences. In a world saturated with digital interactions, there is a growing desire for genuine human connections and personalized experiences. “Johnny predicts. “The goal is to remain at the forefront, evolving to preserve the human touch in the gift-giving occasion, even amidst technological advancements. We also envision expanding our distribution channels to include future mediums like metaverses and virtual reality, creating immersive and unforgettable experiences for our customers.”

Showcasing Songheart at Collision 2023

The Collision Conference is an incredible networking event, and The Onside discovered Songheart for the first time on the exhibition floor. We couldn’t miss the chance to ask Johnny about his goals and expectations for the event.

“Attending Collision 2023 was an exciting opportunity for us to showcase Songheart on a global stage and connect with like-minded individuals in the startup and investor community. We felt a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm leading up to the event, knowing that it would provide valuable networking opportunities and the chance to gain exposure to our platform. Our goals for Collision were to forge new partnerships, talk to other startups, attract potential investor interest who share our vision, learn from experts, and expand our network within the industry.”

 Check out Songheart and experience the magic of gifting a personalized song to someone close to your heart!

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