The power of networking: building connections at the Collision Conference 2023

The Collision Conference 2023, "the coolest tech conference on the planet," "tech Olympics," or "tech's carnival for entrepreneurs," is one of the largest technology and marketing conferences in the world. It also offers the best opportunities for networking and building meaningful connections.


The Collision Conference 2023 took place at the Enercare Centre in Toronto from June 26th to June 29th, providing a unique blend of keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions. In today’s world, where everything and everyone is connected, networking has become extremely important for individuals to grow and succeed in their careers.

Collision Toronto 2023

Effective networking for personal and professional growth

At the Collision Conference, people from different industries, including inventors, CEOs, managers, developers, creators, marketers, media professionals, and students, have the opportunity to meet, share ideas, explore exciting possibilities and to make new connections. The conference acts as a catalyst, a spark, helping to build relationships and create a pathway to growth and success.

As we witnessed firsthand, the conference was abuzz with introductions across various industries. Attendees actively engaged in discussions, gaining new perspectives and connecting with fascinating individuals through the Collision app, face-to-face interactions, or by conveniently scanning QR codes on their badges.

Building a network of meaningful connections involves a series of steps, and the introduction is merely the starting point. However, the true art and power of networking lie in actively listening to your new connections and asking the right questions. Be proactive and intentional.

Show genuine interest in the other person’s work and life experiences. Recognizing that networking is a two-way street, where opportunities exist to offer assistance and receive support in return, is crucial. By engaging with industry professionals and delving into their journeys, you expand your professional network and establish a presence within their circles.

Attending the Collision Conference 2023 provides a fertile ground for meeting new people, gaining valuable insights, and cultivating a larger professional network. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to plant the seeds of your reputation within someone else’s network, contributing to your overall growth and influence in the industry.

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Fostering connections beyond the Collision Conference

While exchanging contacts, connecting on LinkedIn, collecting business cards and first discussions may seem like the easy part of networking, it is after the Collision Conference (or any other networking event you were a part of) that the real work begins in growing your network.

The key lies in building meaningful relationships and staying in touch with your connections. Nurturing and expanding your network requires consistent effort and a genuine desire to support and collaborate with others. By actively engaging with your network, offering assistance, and seeking opportunities to contribute, you create a solid foundation for long-term professional growth.

Remember, networking is not a one-time event but an ongoing process that requires dedication and perseverance. So, take the connections you’ve made and continue to invest in them, fostering a network that will be invaluable throughout your career journey. With each relationship you nurture, you open doors to new opportunities and collaborations that will drive you toward success in the long run.

Audrey Vair, Student at University of Toronto

Student perspective: Audrey’s surprising networking experiences at the Collision Conference

The opportunities to connect were not limited to the exhibition floor; they extended beyond the sessions and talks, reaching the visiting booths and after-hours parties. During one of these post-session gatherings, we had the pleasure of meeting a group of enthusiastic students, among them Audrey Vair, a student of Commerce and Sustainability at the University of Toronto. Audrey agreed to share her point of view on networking at the conference.

When asked about her initial impressions of the networking opportunities at the Collision Conference and how they matched her expectations, Audrey expressed her aspiration to absorb abundant information and forge connections that could open doors to new opportunities: “I’m working to be a sponge and absorb as much information as possible while making connections that could lead to future internships or jobs. It’s also about gaining insight into the type of business person I want to become. The networking opportunities at the conference blew my expectations out of the water. As someone with little experience connecting with highly knowledgeable and wise individuals in their areas of expertise, it’s really exciting.”

Audrey also recounted a specific interaction and conversation she had with another attendee that left a strong impact on her. As a recipient of the scholarship program, Audrey had the privilege of participating in scholar sessions. During one of these sessions, she had the opportunity to meet Brian Collins (co-founder and chief creative officer at COLLINS). “His talk centred around never leaving serendipity up to chance. It may seem counterintuitive since serendipity is often seen as something spontaneous, but he emphasized that we can structure our lives while embracing exciting opportunities and making genuine connections. His insights on authentic personal branding resonated with me. It made me reflect on the importance of making the most of every interaction, especially at large conferences like this, where you get to meet so many amazing people.”

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Maria Rostecka

Author: Maria Rostecka, Content Specialist for The Onside Media, Canada. She is based in Toronto, Ontario. If you have any stories to share, please feel free to reach out:



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