The Collision Conference 2023: Explore tech innovation and marketing opportunities

Toronto is preparing for one of the world's biggest tech conferences - Collision. Entrepreneurs, software development companies, and fresh startups are ready to connect, engage in business discussions, seize new investment opportunities, and embrace revolutionary technologies. Prepare yourself to be fascinated by groundbreaking innovation, gain invaluable expertise, and build meaningful connections within the dynamic technology industry.


The Collision Conference 2023 is taking place at the Enercare Centre in Toronto from June 26 to June 29. Onside Media will be right on the Enercare exhibition floor, bringing you unique business stories and getting you closer to the new world driven by tech progress.

The conference kickstarts with the opening night party –¬†Monday After Hours, powered by Domo, on the evening of June 26.

What can you expect at the Collision Conference 2023?

The Collision Conference is a global gathering of innovators, investors, and startups. This convention provides attendees with a wide array of high-quality content spanning numerous hours. What can you look forward to at the Collision Conference 2023? Over 40,000 attendees from 140+ countries, including 950+ investors, 2,000+ startups, and 250+ partners. Centre stage invited thought-provoking speakers representing esteemed companies such as Amazon, Wiz, AT&T, Airbnb, GitHub, Shopify, the University of Toronto, Jasper, and many more.

At the Collision Conference 2023, you can expect a prestigious lineup of companies representing various industries. Leading organizations such as Rogers, Cisco,, CNBC, Lyft, Uber, Slack, Interac, Siemens, and others will attend. These influential players demonstrate Collision’s diverse range of sectors creating a dynamic atmosphere for networking, collaboration, and innovation.

Unveiling innovation and exploring solutions

Networking, exposure, brand awareness, team building and significant lead generation. The Collision Conference is also an opportunity to gain valuable insights and discover new and creative solutions to tackle the challenges of our time through premium content and the world’s best speakers.

The Collision Conference 2023 covers a comprehensive range of content topics, spanning over 20 tracks, including AutoTech, Content Makers, Corporate Innovation Summit, Creatiff, Crypto, Fourth Estate, FULLSTK, Future Societies, Growth Summit, HealthConf, MoneyConf, PANDACONF, Planet:Tech, Q&A, Remote, SaasMonster, Sportstrade, StartupUniversity, Talk Robot, and Venture. Take advantage of the opportunity to stay up-to-date on emerging trends and learn innovative ways to address current issues.

The most anticipated sessions of the Collision Conference 2023 include topics like AI, ChatGPT, Marketing and social media trends in 2024, The femtech revolution or climate displacement. Are you intrigued by the impact of AI on our society or interested in understanding the economic implications? Be sure to add these insightful sessions to your schedule.

Get ready to explore futuristic tech innovation and discover exciting marketing prospects at The Collision Conference 2023. See you there!

Share your company’s story

Elevate your brand by sharing your company’s story, startup journey, or breakthrough technology through an article on Onside Media. Connect with us through the Collision app (search for Onside Media) and schedule an interview meeting right on the spot. Don’t miss the chance to showcase your achievements!

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