TODAQ to acquire Canadian commercial lender Quantius in all TDN deal as first step to develop a TODA enabled IP financing platform

TODAQ Financial Inc. (CNW Group/TODAQ)

TORONTO,¬†Nov. 1, 2019¬†/PRNewswire/ — TODAQ, a Sovereignty Tech (‘SovTech’) pioneer based out of¬†Seoul,¬†Dubai¬†and¬†Toronto¬†has announced its agreement to acquire¬†Toronto-based firm Quantius Inc., a commercial lender that attributes value to both intangible and tangible assets for innovative businesses in an all TDN deal for an undisclosed amount. The transaction marks TODAQ’s first TDN powered corporate acquisition.

Over three years, Quantius has provided successful loans of USD 1 – 4 million with competitive interest rates of 11-15% over periods of 12 – 48 months in order to accelerate growing innovative SMEs across a range of sectors including medical tech, telecom, edtech and software-as-a-service, as well as other knowledge-based industries. Most recently Quantius was awarded 3rd place for 1 year returns in the Private Debt category at the 2019 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards. The firm will continue its asset management and lending operations in Canada undisturbed. New technology and product development will be executed out of QuantiusTech in the UK, a new entity which will be created post-acquisition.

“This transaction is an important next step in Quantius’ evolution as a next-generation private debt manager with a vision of building a global, intellectual property-focused investment platform. It allows us to embark on scaling initiatives and to better align stakeholder interests. Despite the ownership change, it’s business as usual for the Quantius team and we remain focused on helping companies in knowledge-based industries grow by attributing value to their intellectual property and intangible assets”, said Lally Rementilla, Quantius President.

Quantius (CNW Group/Quantius Inc.)

TODAQ serves enterprises, financial institutions and governments, providing them an ownership management platform for all digital assets in order to deliver trust and efficiency. It is powered by the TODA Protocol, a soon to be open sourced, decentralized data protocol that enables the secure and efficient ownership management of any type of digital asset, by allowing all data on the internet to carry its own proof of uniqueness, history and provenance, in short to carry value.

Over the last two years based on market demand from enterprise customers, TODAQ also focused on developing the TDN (‘TODA Note’) program. TDN is a digital loyalty and payment asset now being adopted on multiple continents by clients in industries such as e-commerce, media, education, supply chain, finance, commodities and digital assets markets.

TDN is designed to offer global long-term and stable economic utility that is seamless, borderless and a medium for any and all types of transactions. TDN also provides two clear differentiators: real economy utility value through multiple commercial markets; and the TODA protocol gives TDN the security, efficiency, scalability and interoperability required to support varied use-cases.

“Over the last few years, Quantius has carved out a unique niche in Canada with its ability to lend against IP. Putting that capability on TODA will allow us to reach many more markets with expanded financing solutions”, said TODAQ CEO Hassan Khan.

The acquisition has brought forth an opportunity to combine both firms’ capabilities to more efficiently value and leverage the USD 40 trillion intangible assets globally in order to finance innovation more efficiently. Through QuantiusTech, TODAQ intends to deliver a TODA enabled automated IP financing platform whose solutions will be focused primarily at the UK, UAE, Singapore and Korean markets to start.

As one of the first in the new class of SovTech (‘sovereignty tech’) companies, TODAQ’s mandate is to empower a new digital economy by restoring ownership of identity and assets for all as a fundamental right. TODAQ serves people, businesses, and governments with a platform that allows for true ownership of digital goods, and the ability to securely and efficiently settle them without need for intermediaries. To learn more about TODAQ and TDN, please visit and

Quantius is a Toronto-based commercial lender that attributes value to both tangible and intangible assets of innovative companies, and provides non-dilutive financing and growth capital to small and medium-sized businesses. The Quantius team combines technology and operations expertise with credit management and originations depth, and levers a best-in-class proprietary Intellectual Property (“IP”) analytics platform to identify companies whose commercial outperformance is driven by superior IP. For more information on Quantius please visit



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