B2 Payment Solutions Announces New Mobile Test Suite Designed to Help Test Mobile Payments Acceptance


February 26, 2020: TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As contactless and mobile payments become more prominent, processors, ISOs, ISVs and merchants are increasingly looking for ways to develop, test and migrate point-of-sale devices to accept this new form of digital payment.B2 Payment Solutions (B2), an organization providing best-in-class products and services for the payment industry, has just launched a new Mobile Test Suite that is designed to help meet this challenge.

The B2 Mobile Test Suite, which consists of two smartphones pre-loaded with static device test accounts (including American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa), allows organizations to test the various forms of mobile payments used by consumers to make purchases.

“Due to the complexity of the mobile payments integration required it is extremely beneficial to perform comprehensive testing of your contactless payment solution to ensure mobile payment devices work properly through the point-of-sale all the way to the issuer,” said Bruce Murray, president of B2. “B2’s Mobile Test Suite is ideal for this as it can assist our customers with application development, testing, training and performing demonstrations.”

The B2 Mobile Test Suite includes two smartphones – an iPhone® 8 and a Galaxy® S7. These phones come pre-loaded to provide the ability to test the Apple Pay® Wallet (which includes American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa test accounts) on the iPhone® and Visa and Mastercard test cards in an Android® applet on the Samsung® Galaxy® device. Testing of other digital/mobile devices and hardware (e.g. smartwatches, new versions of smartphones, etc.) may also be available upon request.

The smartphones also come Wi-Fi Enabled as the primary communication mode, however, optional mobile data packages are also available for customers using a provided SIM card. Additionally, the mobile devices will be managed under B2’s Mobile Device Management system (MDM). With the MDM, B2 has the ability to remotely manage and update the applications, including the ability to control how the mobile devices are configured to limit instances where someone might inadvertently delete an app or change a setting. This ensures that the B2 Mobile Test Suite works properly in development and testing environments.

B2’s Mobile Test Suite is an extension of B2’s comprehensive suite of solutions and services – which includes physical test card sets, consulting services, instructor-led training, software development and more. To learn more about B2’s complete EMV and Contactless test card set product portfolio, please visit: b2ps.com/products.

Visit B2 at the US Payments Summit, February 24-27, 2020 in Salt Lake City, UT to see a demo of the B2 Mobile Test Suite.


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