to offer full-time salaried positions to all hourly staff


London Internet Service Provider to move all hourly Sales and Support employees into new salaried professional services positions, as Service Desk transitions into Customer Experience Team

LONDON, ON, May 14, 2020 /CNW/ – In an industry-leading move among internet service providers in Canada, is scrapping hourly pay and eliminating the need to punch a clock as they move all staff into permanent salaried positions. It’s part of a progressive strategy built around the concept that offering career positions, which include better compensation opportunities, role accountability, and growth progression, will lead to happier staff and ultimately a better experience for customers.

“These are the employees that are helping you get your internet and TV services setup and taking your calls when you need assistance,” says Peter Rocca, CEO at “Doing what they do takes a lot of technical expertise on top of the social and personal skills required for public-facing work. This team brings an incredible amount of value not just to the company, but also to the community, and we believe that this is absolutely the right thing to do.”

The new Customer Experience Team will also consist of more specialized roles that cater to individual strengths. This will help reduce call resolution times by routing calls to employees who are experts at handling specific issues. In addition to the change in pay, there will also be consistent vacation and time-off policies that will apply to all employees. expects these advantages will help attract and retain the top talent in the field. has always been an industry leader when it comes to customer service. This latest change is just one more innovative step forward for the business, which has continued to grow rapidly over the last few years.



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