Candidly Launches Skills-based Job-matching Platform at Collision 2020


Canadian start-up Candidly combats hiring bias and promotes equal opportunity in the software development job market

TORONTO, June 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Toronto-based Candidly will be officially launching its unique skills-based job-matching platform targeting the software development market, at tech conference Collision 2020. Candidly brings an entirely new level of accuracy to the screening process, and eradicates many of the existing biases associated with it.

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Developers using Candidly build an anonymous profile by adding their programming skills, and are encouraged to verify these skills by taking short, custom challenges at their own pace. Using a proprietary multi-source algorithm that analyses each challenge taken, Candidly provides employers with confidence in the developer’s skills that increases as more challenges are completed. Skill profiles are accurately matched with employer’s needs, prioritized by those with the highest skills confidence.

Candidly’s approach eliminates unconscious bias and allows for more effective recruiting. As organizations transition out of the COVID-19 crisis, employers using Candidly to kick-start their rehiring efforts are able to immediately access a transparent stream of vetted, high-quality Software Developers.

In support of the Canadian tech community, Candidly is extending its free trial period for businesses looking to hire developers as our market recovers from the hiring freezes and layoffs triggered by the pandemic.  

Founder and CEO James Knupfer announced the reasoning behind extending the free trial period. “As we navigate these difficult times as a nation, Candidly offers a platform that brings speed, accuracy and inclusivity to the screening process; helping those who have been impacted by current events get back to work as quickly as possible.”

Candidly is now available as a resource for both tech recruiters and Software Developers. For more information, please visit



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