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Neveen Faress has been in the real estate industry for the past seven years, but in the beginning of 2019, Faress started her journey with Bosley Real Estate Brokerage. She works at the Danforth office, Toronto, Ontario. She chose this brokerage because of the mutual support and has never looked back since then. 


Neveen Faress, Real Estate Agent

What separates you from other realtors?

Every realtor brings their own value. I bring a relentless attitude in seeing my clients’ contented. Strategic negotiation and my passion for what I do sets me apart from other realtors. Every transaction is not the same, so I have to be quick on my feet and bring solutions to their unique demand through my knowledge and my broad range of past experiences. What makes me stand out is that my client relationships do not end once the buying and selling process is done. It’s a lifetime service that I provide.  

Your logo appears unique. What does it depict? Do you have a support system?

The logo is a rose, which depicts the meaning of my name, “Neveen,” in the Turkish language. My support system is my family. They have supported me throughout my journey; my slogan “With a home, life begins to blossom” was developed after a brainstorming session with my siblings. Referring to my clients as “petals” was my daughters’ creative input to brand myself and attract them.

My partner is in the construction business, so if a client needs renovation or preparing the house for sale, we physically go and get the job done to provide a one-stop-shop service. As well, my youngest sister is in charge of my web designing. I am blessed to have my family’s support, from my daughters’ creative input to my sister, who is in charge of my branding. 

One of the sold properties

 What is your best marketing plan strategy before and post COVID?

Every client and their situation is different. I have no blueprint to follow. I adjust my strategy based on the best course of action for my client. Pre COVID, I used to attend networking events and surrounded myself with like-minded people from a marketing aspect. I have generated a lot of business from there. Since COVID, I have started focusing my marketing on social media through Facebook and Instagram posts and ads.

I am as well grateful for the loyalty of my clients as they are my raving fans. Word of mouth has been a significant element for the growth of my business. We are adjusting to these challenging times, and my goal has been to continue providing a seamless purchase or sale for my clients, despite any challenges we may face. If that means I must provide a virtual tour to a client who is uncomfortable leaving their home, I do so. The goal is to flatten the COVID curve so we can all get back to our “normal” lives. 

Neveen Faress, Real Estate Agent

What aspects of transactions you handle personally on your own, and which ones you delegate to others?

I personally take care of my clients from the beginning to the end. That’s why when a client chooses me, I honor that choice and guarantee them my 100% full service. That is what has stopped me from forming a team. Every realtor is unique in their way, and I can’t teach anyone how to be me. If you are picking me as a realtor, I will hold your hand all the way till the end. 

Testimonial from a client

How often do you communicate with your clients?

During the buying or selling process, we communicate every day. However, it depends on the client. I always make sure to reciprocate the communication style my clients prefer. I always tell my clients that communication is the key to success, however, the form of communication they prefer is based on their lifestyle and needs, which I make sure to establish. I have clients that choose me to call when a listing is available, others via email. Many prefer to make a WhatsApp group that includes the parties that are part of the buying or selling process.

I find using WhatsApp effective and reliable in making sure all parties are informed during the entire process. The best part is that the communication never ends after the purchase or sale. Many of my clients become friends, and we continue communication periodically. Whether it’s just a simple “hey, how are you doing” or them seeking real estate or non-real estate advice, I tend to be a point of contact they rely on, which I genuinely appreciate. I am blessed with some amazing clients! 


Faress’s logo with Quote for women

What suggestion would you give to women of today in terms of work-life balance?

 It all starts with mindset. By that, I mean that one must overcome the mindset that we, as women, are held back by society. I love working with strong and powerful women. Two years ago, I invested in myself and enrolled in one of Bob Proctors’ programs. I believe this program aided me in mastering a work-life balance. I don’t think my future is limited because I am a woman. It is not what gender I am but who I am.

So, I visualize that my work is already done, and it has worked most of the time for me. I do talk this language to my clients and remind them of the process of visualization. Set your mind to where you want to go, and you will start seeing things form to that image you envision. 

No matter what circumstances, women are thriving in an industry like real estate, which has more than 60,000 competitors in the Toronto Area. Faress has set an outstanding work-life balance along with lasting relationships with her clients. 

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Sarah Syed
Sarah Syed


Author: Sarah Syed, content writer, Toronto, Canada. If you have more stories to share, kindly email:- saraimransyed@hotmail.com 



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