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Peter Dziewa is a Canadian licensed Mortgage Agent located in Streetsville. He didn’t start in the finance industry, but he knew he wanted to work with people. During his time tending bar, he would strike up conversations with many patrons. In particular, one mentioned that he was a broker, and by word of mouth, Peter would refer potential clients to him. Eventually, after receiving many referrals, Peter was asked to obtain his brokerage license as it seems people trust his referral and why not get rewarded. Once licensed, Peter was learning under a senior agent and eventually started managing his own clients from start to finish.

Mortgage Expert, Peter Dziewa

Deciding to leave a large firm and branching out on his own to partner with Safebridge Financial Group was an excellent investment for him. He can be his own boss and make his own hours. This did not impact the way he treated his clients; the opposite actually. He takes his time to address the client’s needs and gives them his brutal honesty about the product they seek, making sure it is the right avenue for them to pursue. With finances, the paperwork doesn’t lie, therefore any possible concerns that arise can be addressed upfront so time is not wasted and there are no false promises.

Peter has a large variety of clients, from first-time buyers, clients renewing their mortgages, refinances, and those looking to add a line of credit. With the market’s uncertainty during these crazy times, he finds that clients come to him to lock into a low or lower rate to save themselves money. His passion is to help clients save money in any way he can, helping with everyday expenses if needed to free up more for debt payment. 

Mortgage with Peter

Customer service in this industry is vital. Your clients need your trust when talking about finances. They need to feel safe in the options given and trust that it is the right one for their situation. Calling a client on the anniversary of buying their first home, on their birthday, or just keeping in touch when rates drop, gives that added touch. Staying on hold for over an hour for your client with another lender to get the answers they need is something he will do to give his clients peace of mind.

Mortgage with Peter

Peter knows when starting out, there is a lot to learn. Find a mentor, learn all you can about the different products from the various institutions, perhaps focus on a few of them. If they work for your client’s needs, go with that; if not, dig deeper. Partner with a realtor; their clients will need someone to go over the application process no matter their needs. Create a mindset of abundance and gratefulness. Focus on time and put in the work. Find your why! Did you move the needle today? Accomplish something for yourself or your business every day.



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