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Have you ever wondered how a fresh color or a geometric design on your wall could perk up your space and give a new meaning to home?  When the city announced stay home, stay safe’, orders, one unique business has pledged to make it fun for everyone and cherish their moments inside the walls instead of living in boredom. It was perfect timing for Majith Imran, Founder, We Pitch Interiors, to promote his business and call out to everyone who’d love to spruce up their interiors, especially now.

Majith Imran, Founder, We Pitch Interiors

What are your company’s values?

Our purpose is to beautify homes by installing trendy Accent / Feature Walls. We provide the service at reasonable and affordable prices so people can transform their homes, and it’s no more a dream. Nowadays, home decor lovers are addicted to Pinterest, and it serves as a free interior designer for your home. You find great designs there, but you don’t know how to implement them or install those designs at your place. So that’s where we come in and beautify their walls based on their theme and decor style. When we started this, it wasn’t much of a competitive space in Ontario, but now we have many booming businesses in this market. We still are the best in installing unique designs and transforming any design to reality. We are getting booked for at least two months in a stretch, just like we used to be before the competition spiced up!

Picture Courtesy: We Pitch Interiors

Tell us about your background?

I’m a Bachelor of Civil Engineering Graduate and a professional Civil Engineer from India, I worked as a Site Supervisor for a Construction Company in Brampton, Ontario. I started this as a Part-time job, as we all know, the elusive Canadian dream, we ought to do multiple jobs, but NOW, this has been my brainchild, and I love to do it full time! My wife and I love to hang out, experience adventures, travel together, and love to try different cuisines along with our 2-year-old son Zafran.

Fun fact about us: We have a YouTube channel with almost 100,000 subscribers, and we love vlogging! Not only is it a great way to connect better with our customer base, but it also gives us a platform to showcase our talent.

We Pitch Interiors
Picture Courtesy: We Pitch Interiors

When did you think of starting a business, how did you accomplish it, any challenges, and any help from friends?

I was working in the Construction Company, and I applied for hundreds of jobs in the hope of climbing the ladder. I couldn’t bag a single; perhaps my International degree was a hindrance. But my wife, who is a lawyer herself, kept motivating me to do something on my own. She insisted me to start my own Construction company or flipping homes. We left such a business idea for the time being as I was overthinking profits, running a business independently, managing family, etc. One day, I did some accent walls in my home based on a Pinterest image my wife showed to me. She motivated me, and we received much appreciation from our guests. We decided to post it on the Facebook marketplace to sell our service. We got so many messages, but no one knew about this except a few who weren’t appreciative of the price it came with as it was a niche market back then. Fortunately, there came our first booking in Milton. The client trusted us, and he loved our work, and that is where it all began. 

Picture Courtesy: We Pitch Interiors

How Covid-19 affected your business?

Honestly, I empathize with everyone who is suffering financial hardships during this period, especially the small businesses. However, my business took off ever since the pandemic began. People started working from home; their time and willingness to transform their homes paved the way for Home Improvements and Renovation businesses like ours. Though we pray for support for all small businesses, we are truly blessed and content with what we have achieved so far during the pandemic—thanking all my clients who trusted us and gave us an opportunity. Although the second wave lockdown closed some renovation businesses, we understand and fully cooperate as it’s for the people’s welfare.


Picture Courtesy: We Pitch Interiors

How has your team tackled the challenges posed by COVID-19?

We genuinely have committed to all the safety and precautionary measures, including wearing masks, often sanitizing, social distancing (my job usually doesn’t require people near me). All we need is the materials and a wall to work with. Once finished, we clean and we also disinfect the surrounding areas. 

Picture Courtesy: We Pitch Interiors

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

We plan to launch an Accent Wall, Accent Home Improvements, and Accent Home things Showroom, maybe after COVID. We will still be reasonable in price. Usually, when we come across such fancy accent decor stores, most of them have skyrocketing costs. All with God’s will, we plan to bring something new, unique, and affordable.

For more information kindly visit:

Website- https://we-pitch-interiors.business.site

Sadaf Zehra
Sadaf Zehra
Author: Sadaf Zehra, Toronto, Canada. If you have stories to share kindly email: – zsadaf16@gmail.com
SOURCEWe Pitch Interiors, Brampton, Ontario


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