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With help from LandPro Planning Solutions Inc., open communication and a close-knit team are crucial to implementing your goals in a way that lets you sleep restfully. LandPro’s goal is to use sustainable ideologies to complete your project. You can ensure this company has not only your best interest at heart but also of the land itself. 

President of LandPro, Michael Sullivan, reinvented what it means to be a land-use planner. Kayla Stephens spoke to Michael about what LandPro has to offer those wishing to upgrade their existing property or buy one for investment. He has created a well-respected company based out of the Niagara region. Michael is a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) and a certified Environmental Professional (EP) with 30 years of experience.

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Michael Sullivan, Founder LandPro Planning Solutions

What is LandPros’ focus?

The company vision is, “To be the trusted land specialist to our clients, where we solve their unique, often complex land problems with simple solutions while always keeping their interests at the core. “

The company has four main divisions. Our primary experience is land development, which could be the rezoning of a severance. Our focus is on smaller projects and divisions working with the land instead of against it using low-impact development. The next is environment which involves environmental impact studies, how to design a new development project to work with nature, fitting the project with nature rather than adjusting nature to accommodate the development.

We also conduct environmental assessments, “infrastructure projects that are designed for minimal or no impact on the environment. We also do design, drafting, strategy, non-technical advice for clients.

Where did you start, and how is it going?

After leaving the Township of Wainfleet, I started the company five years ago as it was time to start my venture. I started getting contracts very quickly, so it was an easy transition; earlier, Sullivan Planning Services.

 Two years ago, I completely rewrote my business plan thanks to having time during the pandemic and Tony Robbins for inspiring me. 

I designed the company around a few core values: working with integrity; giving back to the community; listening well and communicating often; and being sustainable, leaving a small footprint. I want to drive the project and be proud of the end result. My company has a decentralized office model; our main office is in St.Catherines, but everyone works from home that helps in reducing greenhouse gases, and the stress of commuting.

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What’s something that makes LandPro stand out as a brand?

Giving back to the community is one of our core values. Every year we give 1% of gross revenue in charitable donations and provide Christmas gifts. All gifts were sourced locally from Ferox, a local winery, and Chocolate Fx- a chocolate shop in Niagara. 

Recently, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity Niagara, with whom we offer some pro bono work while also being their technical advisers on planning.


What are your future goals for LandPro?

“Working towards B corporation certification and building the design and strategy divisions of the company, which will complement and support our land clients. We aim to simplify our work approach, provide a more standardized work plan for the client, and offer a fixed fee for certain projects. 

Our ideal clients are Investment companies, business owners, and smaller developers that align with LandPro’s visions. We prioritize client relationships, where communication is critical. 

My worst nightmare is having a client call unsatisfied. It is better to have the clients happy once the project is complete.

It’s clear LandPro is an upcoming sustainable planning firm. Michael and his growing team can turn your Cinderella property into the bell of the ball reality. He ensures that the client is always on the same page and understands the government processes. Trust him to turn your property into the oasis that you have always dreamed of.



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