OTELFO Bill Submitted to Queen’s Park – New mandate for Groupe Média TFO


TORONTO, July 8, 2020 /CNW/ – Groupe Média TFO is grateful to the Government of Ontario for the faith it has demonstrated through this new bill, which proposes to assign centralized administration, coordination and support for teacher-led online learning in the French-language publicly-funded education system.

Groupe Média TFO Logo (CNW Group/Groupe Média TFO)

“Today marks an important milestone in our commitment to ensuring all students across the province have equitable access to made in Ontario online learning opportunities,” said Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education. “The government has full confidence in TFO’s digital and leadership capability and excellence in transforming the online learning landscape for all Francophone students. With the new role for TFO, Ontario will become a global leader in the development and delivery of online learning.”

“We thank the government of Ontario for this new opportunity to enrich education alongside our partners. This new direction for French-language education will foster numerous collaborative efforts with school boards and nurture new models of learning. We are confident that Groupe Média TFO’s expertise in the educational and cultural content production and technological innovation will be useful for this major project to modernize online learning in our community,” said Carole Beaulieu, Chair of the Board.

“This new bill opens promising avenues by combining well-known forces for innovation. Groupe Média TFO’s digital power and ability as a producer are assets which, combined with school boards’ high level of educational expertise, will fuel promising, new and cutting-edge digital learning models for our province. The results reported through these consultations will guide us through the development of potential e-learning courses that will be correctly adapted to the needs of students across the province,” said Éric Minoli, Chief Operations Officer of Groupe Média TFO.

The important mandate of French-language education in Ontario will be fulfilled by this collaborative effort. As a result, all our organizations will, together, take the French-language learning continuum to the next level, through an optimized online class selection.

Customized content and educational approaches will be developed to guarantee fair and equal access to these new learning avenues for all French-speaking students in Ontario.

SOURCEGroupe Média TFO