Debbie Hurley-Laing: Entrepreneurship is worth the risk


Aidan Coleman spoke to Debbie Hurley-Laing about her entrepreneur journey in the jewellery industry.

Ambition, motivation, determination, and passion are characteristics that drive various individuals take a leap of faith and start their own business.

Deborah Hurley-Laing
Deborah Hurley-Laing

Genesis Jewellery Boutique maintains a stunning selection of unique and artistic engagement rings, wedding bands, Gold chains, rings (also available in Tungsten and Platinum), pendants, bracelets, and earrings for men, women and children offered at prices you will love.  These items can be found in many types of precious metals such as Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Tungsten, Gold, and Platinum.  All items are hand picked, high quality, and unique styles.  Some pieces are one of a kind and once it is sold, it is gone!

Debbie Hurley-Laing a successful jewellery business owner decided to start her company “Genesis Jewellery Boutique” after receiving encouragement from her husband and feeling the need to pursue her ideas. Debbie’s passion for jewellery stems from her appreciation for precious gold. Debbie uses her insights to identify quality products that set her brand apart from other jewellery boutiques.

Genesis Jewellery Boutique Logo
Genesis Jewellery Boutique Logo

When Debbie started her boutique her passion stemmed from her affection for mother earth and her beauty. She reflected her passion by naming her brand “Genesis”.

The name Genesis is symbolic of the creation of gold, silver and other precious and semi-precious stones. She goes on to add that we should appreciate the beauty of natural materials that are found on our planet. We should still be conscious of the fact that all gold, silver and platinum are part of our beautiful planet and ultimately adds to the beauty of jewelry.

Handcrafted turquoise silver earrings(Picture Courtesy: Genesis Jewellery FB)
Handcrafted turquoise silver earrings(Picture Courtesy: Genesis Jewellery Facebook)

The largest problem Debbie has faced on her journey is penetrating the market and proving her character to prospective clients. They are often skeptical about the quality of precious metals. Initially, she found it difficult to push past this threshold. To overcome this, she used her grit and resilience by performing her own quality control checks when sourcing materials.

(Picture Courtesy: Genesis Jewellery Facebook)
(Picture Courtesy: Genesis Jewellery Facebook)

Debbie encourages new entrepreneurs to keep chasing their dreams and never lose sight of their ambitions. Entrepreneurship can seem daunting, but it is an experience that is rewarding. “Let your vision become a reality.”

Deborah Hurley-Laing along with her husband at 2018 TD Niagara Jazz Festival
Deborah Hurley-Laing along with her husband at 2018 TD Niagara Jazz Festival

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