Zomy Ibe: Staying healthy is big business

Chinazom Ibe aka Zomy(www.trybemeals.com)

Chinazom Ibe Aka Zomy started Trybe Meals(www.trybemeals.com) in September 2018.  Zomy today train 40 people from different age group from age 18 to 50 years. Besides training Zomy also provides customized diet plans and healthy meal to his clients. Apart from training he works in the kitchen to prepare meals for more than 100 people across St.Catharines, Ontario. We spoke to him about how he started his journey.


(Left)Zomy in 2016- (Right) in 2019- this is not photoshop image. Pic Courtesy: Instagram: zkflex

How did you start your journey?

I used to weigh 303 pounds in 2016 and I started training 5 times a week and tried my best to be consistent. This allowed me to build muscle and helped me get rid of entire fat in 1 year. Today I am 215 pounds. I realized that during my journey I was not the only one who was fighting to get fit and feel good. I trained daily for 3 years to become who I am today. I totally believe if you win in your head first, you win in real life.

Zomy working out

How did you start your business?

In 2018, I started ZKFLEX(Instagram: @zkflex) where I developed unique workout videos to motivate people and teach them to go the extra mile to become better physically and mentally.  Because of this a lot of people reached out to me directly to help them. This led to my personal training business. Since training is only 20% and diet is 80%, I realized that my clients required healthy foods to supplement their training. So I started cooking for all my clients.

Trybe Meals Customised healthy foods

What kind of food services you provide?

It’s hard to find healthy food delivery service in the Niagara Region. Most of the food delivery services are over priced and unhealthy. Food should be properly portioned that include, greens, healthy fats, clean carbohydrates and filling proteins.

Trybe Meals

How does Trybemeals work?

So we have 17 healthy meal options that include vegan and gluten free meals. Each week we deliver our top 5 picks for the week and rotate the menu every week to keep things fresh. I built a macro based meal plan to guide clients for meals, healthy snacks, and supplements for the entire day. Our meal prices cost between $10-$15 only. You can also avail discounts if you subscribe to our monthly delivery service.  All our meal plans also provide customized workout plans with videos, so even if you cannot work out with me in person you can lear from these videos, right before you get into the gym.

Zomy helping his clients staying healthy

What kind of other experts you work along with?

 Clients usually come with injuries, stiffness or other mobility issues, which are caused due to unhealthy lifestyles. I try to make sure is my clients are physically fit before they start training for the next level. Today we work with physiotherapists, chiropractors, dietitians and other trainers. Our main goal is to provide all services under one roof i.e. creating a hub for all fitness services.

Any words of wisdom for people who are trying to get fit?

Getting fit first starts in your mind. All you have to do is take one day at a time and believe that you can become fit. You have to commit to it daily, from eating healthy balanced meals to doing some form of physical activity. Consistency and discipline is key and there is literally no way around this.  Funny enough, the more intense your training is the more you enjoy. Make sure you set goals and most importantly have fun achieving them.

To know more about Zomy and Trybe Meals kindly get in email: contact@trybemeals.com or log on to www.trybemeals.com for more details.

Instagram: @zkflex and @trybemeals

Author:  Yugbodh Singh, The Onside Media, Canada, For comments get in touch: – info@theonside.com


  1. Wow zomy my bro, I’m glad you got into fitness industry and you are now impacting life positivily, helping people to achieve their fitness goals, I still remember then at A New u gym, my conversation with you about it… Hope to reach out soon. Great job bro.


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