Our first year was a big learning curve for us: Emily Harris, The Plot Market Garden


The Plot Market Garden is a small farm located in Saanich, B.C operating on 1/4 of an acre focusing on high quality root vegetables, artisan greens, microgreens, and summer vegetables.This is the farms third season growing vegetables using sustainable, regenerative practices and selling to local restaurants, grocery stores, and vegetable boxes to locals. All of their seeds used are organic/GMO free and they implement low/no-till, no-spray practices.  Emily Harris shares the story behind The Plot Garden.

Emily Harris, Co-Founder, The Plot Garden

How and when did you start this business? Please share your growth story.

The business started in 2018 when my partner and I moved to Victoria, B.C from the U.K where we met. We both had an interest in growing vegetables and were excited to start a market garden on my family property.

When we began, we started part time while we worked at local vineyards and as we gained success, we decided to transition into our full-time operation. We started out selling mainly to restaurants but transitioned to including grocery stores and a community supported agriculture (CSA) as time went on.

Tell us the products and services you offer.

We grow vegetables to sell to the local community through our CSA, to grocery stores and at restaurants. We specialize in growing everything you need to make a gourmet salad and more, including a variety of greens, roots, and summer vegetables.

What were the initial difficulties you faced?

Since the plot of land hadn’t been farmed before, building infrastructure was a challenge. For example, we had to set up a deer fence, post-harvest area and walk-in cooler, as well as the garden beds themselves. Our first year was a big learning curve for us!

How did you maneuver your business during 2020-2021? Kindly list a few learnings.

We scaled up our sales to grocery stores and CSA, which included starting an e-commerce website and home deliveries. We learned how important diversifying both crop selection and market streams is!

How did you hear about Visa Canada’s She’s Next Grant Program?

Through a podcast! So happy I applied!

Kindly tell us about your plans for 2022.

Since our small business has been steadily growing, we’re planning to expand our farm and continue expanding our CSA program. With help from Visa Canada’s She’s Next Grant Program, we are putting up a new greenhouse to help extend production later into winter and earlier in spring.

Tyler, Co-Founder, The Plot Garden

Any words of wisdom for young entrepreneurs?

Start small and scale up from there once you know your business is viable.

For more information kindly visit: www.theplotmarketgarden.com

Yugbodh Singh
Yugbodh Singh

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