May 15, 2020 – LOS ANGELES, CA –┬áLA based alternative – pop band┬áPaper Jackets┬áis thrilled to release their brand new single┬á“Baby Teeth”┬átoday.┬á The propulsive song showcases the six-piece’s captivating energy and celebrates change while ushering in a new era for the band.┬á“Baby Teeth is symbolic of change and growth in life,”┬áshares frontman┬áJames Mason┬áon the track.┬á“We’re all traveling along a certain path and all have relics from our past. These are little reminders of where we come from and where we’re headed. I find great personal joy sharing and exploring these stories in our music.”┬á

Fans can check out “Baby Teeth” today┬á at┬á┬á“Baby Teeth” joins recently released single “What They Call a Life” from the band’s upcoming collection of tracks┬áSouvenirs Volume One,┬ádue out this summer.┬áThese 10 tracks are one part of a collection that stretches and pulls at the genre of alternative rock.

The album reveals a nostalgic theme throughout, touching on creative moments the band has experienced together to addiction and it’s many forms.┬áPaper Jackets was formed in 2016 as each musician was rotating through a number of Sunset Strip jam nights.

What started as a few random meetings and sessions has since blossomed into a six-piece group consisting of┬áJames Mason (vocals), Emily Dickinson (keyboard, live backing vocals), Jonny Vesely (guitar), Miles Franco (bass, live backing vocals), David Allen (drums) and Aimee Proal (vocals).┬áAfter releasing the EP┬áDon’t Lose Your Head┬áin 2018, Mason & co. grabbed opening slots for Bishop Briggs and the X Ambassadors, and haven’t slowed down since.┬á

For all members of Paper Jackets, the road to creating this record has been long and not without its bumps. However, they’re more than excited for whatever the next steps may be.┬á“There’s a sense of urgency,”┬ásays Mason, speaking to the album as a whole.┬á“There’s this mentality of, we have to do this now, we have to make these songs now…There’s this artistic force that pushes me in that way.”┬áWhatever force they are following, they’re sure to take some souvenirs for the road.┬áFans can expect to have volume one of┬áSouvenirs┬áthis summer. Stay tuned to Paper Jackets’ socials for more information


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