Jewelry & Entrepreneurship: Born Out of a Love for Expression


Coconut Quartz : Jewelry & Entrepreneurship: Born Out of a Love for Expression 

Cheryl, Coconut Quartz
Cheryl, Coconut Quartz

Niagara-On-The-Lake- Ontario, February 2019: – Coconut Quartz, a jewelry company dedicated to expressing individuality, may have only begun in 2016; however, its founder, Cheryl, has been inspired by rocks and crystals since she was only four years old. It began with a simple fascination with the beauty of these stones and transformed into an interest in their metaphysical properties as well as their scientific properties. As Cheryl’s passion grew, she made pieces for herself to wear. Whenever someone would inquire about a piece she was wearing, she would sell it on the spot.


Coconut Quartz has thrived thanks to Cheryl’s passion for not only jewelry, but also as a result of her strong relationships. Her husband has always been her biggest supporter and her niece is her right-hand girl! In addition to all of her familial support throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Cheryl notes that one of her favorite parts about Coconut Quartz is that she has the opportunity to meet new people and customize jewelry for them based on their positive energy. Despite the sometimes-trying journey of starting and managing a business, Cheryl just wants to share her passion with as many people as she can.

Cheryl, Coconut Quartz
Cheryl, Coconut Quartz

When giving advice to future entrepreneurs, Cheryl says, “be genuine… Let your unique energy shine through and [always] be true to You”.

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