How To Survive as a Pure Vegetarian in Canada- Namrata Pant


(This blog is based on my personal experience)


Since childhood, I have been a pure vegetarian (do not confuse it with vegan; I ain’t), and I believe there is nothing better than living a vegetarian lifestyle.

However, the life of a vegetarian is not accessible in all parts of the globe. I come from a country where pure veg food is available in every nook and corner. Yet, I choose Canada to begin my career journey here; despite knowing the dicculty I have to face through.

Before flying to Canada, I was mentally prepared for this struggle. However, my mind was completely blown when I found mac-d and burger king don’t have veg burgers (and even if you found one, the buns would have eggs)

For all the pure vegetarians who are planning to move to Canada, here is a small guide to help you survive as a pure vegetarian with ease

Cook high-protein vegetarian meals

AFTERNOON MEAL: I am not a good cook, but I can cook. On a daily basis, I make lentils and pulses with some rice. These are a good source of protein. Somedays, I make roti/chapati and veg sabzi when I have ample time, which is India’s staple food.

Breakfast: I make a smoothie for breakfast and have it with multi-grain bread toasted with butter, which I feel is a leisurely breakfast. If not smoothie, then I have juice. When I have time, I make chickpea flour chia, semolina chia with veggies, vermicelli with veggies, poha, paneer parathas etc.

Quick meal: If you are short on time, you can buy a pack of chopped vegetables and cook it within 15-20 minutes. Furthermore, you also get frozen tortillas, parathas, vegetables and canned lentils that you can cook on the go and eat.

I usually don’t get enough time, so I cook a little extra for my dinner as well. Sometimes, I eat fruits as my one time meal or salads; which is usually my brunch.

Since Indian restaurants are expensive here, I look for some good vegetarian recipes online and try to make sumptuous meals. Cuisines that I have tried are dumplings, Manchurian, rice noodles, white sauce pasta, and vegetables in different styles.

Someone who doesn’t like cooking can go for tiffin service, and you can find it at a reasonable price, but again the rate depends (haven’t tried tiffin service yet)

Ingredients check

The second most important thing for every pure vegetarian is checking the list of ingredients at the back of every product.

It was surprising when I read “might contain eggs” on the back of dark chocolate. And another case was of flavoured yogurt! Who would have thought flavoured yogurt is not vegetarian-friendly?

When I first tried yogurt, I liked it more than the plain yogurt and started having it with fruits; days later, I found it contains Gelatin (A compound made of animal hair and skin)

Be aware of what you are buying, especially if you are a pure vegetarian.

Nutrition is important

Life is indeed hard for pure vegetarian people here. For this reason, you have to make sure you are getting proper nutrients and vitamins, so your body functions well.

The intake of high-protein vegetarian foods is crucial such as lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, cottage cheese, soya chunks, all kinds of fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

Indian restaurants

When I crave delicious Indian street food, I go to Indian restaurants to have street foods like Pani puri, Dahi vada, vada pav, veg noodles, dumplings, etc.

Some fantastic Indian restaurants I know here are The Bombay, Khana khazana, Govinda’s, Brar Sweets and Restaurants, and Panchvati, which you will find near Toronto.

I would recommend trying the best vegetarian meals from these top-rated restaurants. You will never find vegetarianism a difficult journey!

Although Vegetarian living can be another level of struggle in a distant country, it’s not impossible to do so. However, if you are following a vegetarian lifestyle, it is necessary to have highly nutritious foods in order to remain healthy and fit.

Author: Introducing a part of me that loves to write occasionally! A happy go lucky person who commenced this journey three years ago without any purpose but now seems somewhat relevant. The writer ‘bug’ within me is inactive most of the time. I mostly penned down my self-constructed thoughts based on casual and intense subjects.




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