How to “Spark Love” in Toronto


TORONTO,¬†July 9, 2020¬†/CNW/ —¬†Canadian singles are the first in the world to get to try¬†Spark, a new dating app designed for people who wish online dating offered more opportunity for self-expression and creative connection.

Spark logo

Spark app, which launched in Toronto this month, is the latest product from Spark Networks, the dating company behind well-known global dating apps like Zoosk.

Project Lead Tobias Plaputta said that the Spark app grew from an increasing frustration with the one-size-fits-all approach of many online dating sites. “We saw space in the online dating market for an app that could help people to truly customize the way in which they present themselves.”

“We believe that people are more than just a bio, which is why we designed Spark around the concept of ‘frames.’ These include photo filters and interactive question cards that allow users to curate a unique profile, and match with others on what matters to them.”

Plaputta said the Spark team has also “taken steps to foster matches based on personality first and demographics second” ‚Äď such as not displaying users’ ages on profiles. “We think an emphasis on age can distract people from finding the right match.”

Spark, a new dating app, uses Frames to encourage dating profile creativity and self-expression


Spark has now successfully launched in Toronto,¬†Ottawa,¬†Vancouver,¬†Montreal,¬†Calgary,¬†Edmonton¬†and¬†Winnipeg, and the team aims to significantly increase Spark’s presence across¬†Canada¬†throughout the summer.

Plaputta said that his team deliberately chose¬†Canada¬†as the ideal market in which to launch Spark. “To help our members embrace self-expression, we wanted to create a comfortable and judgment-free environment. We felt that¬†Canada¬†was the perfect place to achieve this.¬†Canadian singles have a reputation for being kind yet interesting, laid-back yet adventurous. This is exactly the melting pot of traits that we were looking for.”

The iOS Spark app is currently available across Canada in English, with an Android release scheduled for the fall.