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The journey of NJ Media group started when Najma Malik moved to Canada in 2014 and realized the significance of digital marketing. That’s when she studied and started her full-time job in a financial institution. During her long working hours, she realized that she could do much work in fewer hours from home and thus made a proposal to them to pay her less amount and let her work from the comfort of her home.

Najma Malik, Founder NJ Media

This proposal got accepted. She started working for them from home, and due to her remarkable efforts which she put in her work, they started referring her for different clients. NJ Media was thus born.

Later in 2017, she started media platforms like NJ Digital Media and Todays’ Magazine for unaware digital marketing people. The whole purpose behind this initiation was to educate people from her native land.

I see several subsidiaries under one name, are they somehow incorporated with each other? I asked Malik, to which she replied, “Yes, all of them are linked together. I created a media platform to promote my customers. It is now a proven fact that every field needs marketing, so we have a marketing team under us. To promote fields like events, music, and movie, we started NJ Promotion. So I would say that for every business, you get media and marketing services under one roof”.

Corner Meeting for Mayor Patric Brown at NJ Digital TV Studio

Marketing is a vast field. Many elements need to be considered under the umbrella of the term “Marketing”. “We need to be at a different platform to support different businesses.”

Malik’s clientele ranges from restaurants like “Badshah grill,” “Pita Land”, “Taaza Kabab,” to “Real Estate Brokerages” like “Empire Realty Brokerage” and “Prime One Realty Inc.”. Malik has been part of significant events like media partners to those who organize Hill Top promotion. Malik’s outstanding efforts led her to organize events to promote local singers. One such event was “Pop a Rock,” and one was “Ghazal Saraa” to encourage classical singers.

RockaPop Live Organized by NJ Promotion

The category of promoted events through the marketing segment is not limited to the ones as mentioned above but is extended to political events, community events, corporate events, and occasional seminars.

When asked about challenges while running this business, Malik quantified that the only challenge she came across is unawareness of digital marketing among people, which is why she had to educate her clients in the initial days when the pandemic started, so they could experience a smooth transition of their business to a digital platform. “For this purpose, I started a software company called “Soft Lab,” so I can support businesses on the technical platform”

Her most outstanding achievement is the “International Woman Award” she received from different members of parliament.

Business Networking Event Organized by NJ Marketings Inc

As an entrepreneur of multiple businesses, any words of wisdom for aspirants looking forward to having multiple brands under their name?

“When people ask the reason behind the success, I say educate yourself and do what you love. Do not bother about what others say. When I started digital marketing, I was made fun of, and I heard sarcastic remarks from people like “who pays for social media” and so on. Today, everyone needs a digital marketing service. Back then, I chose this career because it was my passion, so I acquired knowledge. So, to cut short, I would say, do not copy others and create your content. It might take time but in the end, success is yours for taking”. 

Digital space has taken over the world. While many businesses faced setbacks, the positive side cannot be ignored that the technical platform has given a methodical control for smooth organization of both small and big enterprises.

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Sarah Syed
Sarah Syed

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  1. She is an inspiration for many women in community. We need more strong women in business like her. Thank you for share ❤️


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