Discover Your Signature Style: A Journey with Valvano Salon


Unveiling a sanctuary of beauty and transformation, our salon stands as a beacon of excellence within the vibrant world of hairdressing. Nestled in the heart of Niagara College, our salon owner, Felice Valvano—a luminary in the cosmetology sphere—pioneers a vision that transcends mere hairstyling.

With a daughter attending Brock and actively lecturing at St. Michael’s High School, our commitment to the industry remains unwavering. We invite you to delve into our narrative—a saga enriched by passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of client satisfaction.

Inspiration and Journey:

In 2000, a dream took root—a dream to craft a haven where beauty isn’t just skin deep but touches the essence of being. Thirteen impassioned individuals embarked on this odyssey, driven by a singular aim: to elevate not just appearances but also mental well-being. Our accolades and ground-breaking ventures in the creation of our shampoo line, now distributed in Saskatoon, embody our commitment to holistic care.

Setting Benchmarks in Service:

What sets us apart? It’s our unyielding dedication to our craft. Every client receives not just a service but an experience—an attention to detail that resonates with our ethos. Our loyalty programs and referral incentives are a testament to our belief that every client is a cherished member of our community.

Crafting Client Happiness:

In our sanctuary, the ambiance exudes warmth and professionalism. We seamlessly blend expertise with a relaxed environment, fostering a sense of belonging. Our social media engagement, informative Q&A sessions, and humorous undertone create a vibrant social community where clients feel truly connected.

Overcoming Challenges and Fostering Team Unity:

Challenges are opportunities in disguise. With a laser focus on our goals and a cohesive team, hurdles turn into learning scenarios. Every day is a canvas where we paint our success story together.

Hiring for Heart and Honesty:

When it comes to our team, we seek genuine souls—individuals who breathe honesty and share our passion. Clients sense the authenticity, ensuring a harmonious journey with us.

Embracing Evolution through Trends and Technology:

In a digital age, we’ve harnessed social media to curate trends and interpretations that resonate with our clientele. From funky hairstyles to timeless classics, our innovation knows no bounds.

Unveiling Our Services and Specialties:

At our core, we specialize in hairstyling, coloring, and rejuvenating treatments. Every haircut is the foundation, complemented by enhancements that redefine elegance.

Client Satisfaction – Our Top Priority:

We don’t just rectify mistakes; we prevent them through robust consultations and visual aids, ensuring every client leaves with satisfaction.

Owning Our Identity:

As co-owners, our Italian heritage defines our identity—a sanctuary where authenticity reigns supreme. The decisions we make echo our values, creating an entity that’s an extension of our clients’ worlds.

Future Goals and Aspirations:

Our journey continues with a focus on growth—staff expansion, product line enhancement, and a relentless pursuit of education and training.

Balancing Quality Services with Business Management:

A meticulous balance—managing the business side while nurturing our hair expertise—defines our commitment to every aspect of our salon.

Fostering a Cohesive Work Environment:

Leadership and mentorship form the bedrock of our unified salon family—a culture of mutual respect and guidance.

Championing Possibilities in Hairdressing:

From educational engagements to nurturing budding talents, we inspire future hairdressing maestros, showcasing diverse avenues within the beauty industry.

In closing, our salon transcends the realm of hairstyling—it’s an experience, a community, and a canvas where beauty meets transformation. Join us on this odyssey, where every strand tells a story of empowerment and self-expression. Experience the epitome of beauty redefined—experience our salon.


Ishmamah Jahan

Author: Ishmamah Jahan is 4th- year student at Brock University specializing in Tourism Administration. She skillfully merges her business-focused tourism expertise into content creation and marketing. She is based out of St.Catharines in the Niagara Region. If you have any stories to share, please feel free to reach out



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