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“Laser Bee Clinic” facilitates its clients with a combination of unique services of laser hair removal, teeth whitening, and tooth gem, along with the training of the services mentioned above. Located at the heart of Toronto, North York, Laserbee accommodates its clients in a safe environment while practicing social distancing and offering the convenience of getting laser and teeth whitening done simultaneously.

Baneet Dhaliwal, started this business in November 2019 as a passionate dental hygienist who wanted to incorporate the scientific aspect of laser with personal care and beauty traits.

Baneet Dhaliwal, Founder, Laserbee

You had a laser clinic. What made you think about offering a teeth whitening service too?

By profession, I am a dental hygienist. I believe that teeth whitening makes you feel better about your smile. It is excellent for people who smoke or drink much coffee. It is even more beneficial to those in the business and see many clients and are conscious about their smile. Typically, it’s about a forty-five minute to an hour session, and by the time you leave the clinic, your teeth are eight to ten shades lighter.

Teeth whitening stays at least three to six months. People who smoke and drink a lot of coffee and wine can have a touch-up every three to six months. While my laser clients come almost every month for touch-ups, so I have regular clients for laser hair removal and teeth whitening. Laser has a scientific aspect, and teeth whitening is about health care. I believe this combination of science and beauty can go hand in hand to make you look and feel better at the same time. Toronto is a busy city, and people want convenience. So, when they have their laser done, they can have teeth whitening simultaneously.

Teeth Whitening Course

Significance of tooth gem?

Tooth gem is very trendy among the younger generation, especially in music and movies, actors, and celebrities. It is similar to having braces. The concept is identical. You can have it on any of the teeth, and it stays there for six months. The younger generation is more attracted to tooth gems as it makes them look cool and fashionable. 

By now, you are offering three services. How do you envision your clinic five years down the lane?

In the next five years, I look forward to having more services. I also provide training for all three services. With the current training program, clients leave with their take-home kit for teeth whitening and tooth gems, while with laser, they leave with everything except the machine to start their business. I intend to buy more machines and add more technicians in the coming years. Right now, I have one technician and one laser machine at the clinic.

Tooth Gem

Health care and beauty is a vulnerable area. How do you take your clients in confidence?

“Quality of care” is the most crucial factor in healthcare and beauty and I don’t ignore this element by any means. I spend a lot of my time in the consultation, accessible to my clients 24/7 on my cell number. I make sure that my other technician’s quality of care is at the same level as mine. I make them feel comfortable as their specific issues are exposed, which they don’t reveal generally, but by the time they leave the clinic, they forget that they were even nervous.



Your array of clients?

Toronto has many interesting people. I have a broad spectrum of clients, from artists to salon owners to those who work in school to business owners. My youngest client is eighteen. Although I don’t recommend laser before 18, they are also here for teeth whitening and tooth gems. You can say that my clients’ age ranges from 25 to 60 years for both male and female, and I don’t think you are ever too old for laser. Laser is also getting very popular among men. Considering my client ratio, for every five women, there is one man. Men out there have also become very conscious about themselves.

Teeth Whitening – Before & After treatment

How do you deal with clients’ dissatisfaction, if any? Or any other problems they come with?

If the client is disappointed, I try understand the entire situtation, that is bothering them. Though I am lucky that I never faced such a situation but incase that happens, I am all ears and would come up with a solution like money back negotiation or rectification of the issue. I would also bring in a solution that is beneficial to them.

As far as specific problems are concerned, I come across clients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; PCOS, so with a medical history and check their hormonal status as their hair growth is affected by the laser. We speak about it beforehand, also in terms of finances as they will have more sittings. I also get in touch with their doctors and dermatologist as the laser is a medical treatment. So different clients are dealt in different ways by their distinctive problems.

Laser Bee Logo

Your overall business strategy?

I started this business by renting a small space as you don’t have much when you start. In the last year, I have grown to a full-fledged salon. Now it is not about money, and I enjoy doing what I do. My clients are very vulnerable, and it is my responsibility to make them comfortable. That’s why people keep coming back, and my business grew with word of mouth. I feel that word of mouth is the best mode of business growth among all business strategies because when the client is happy, only then they refer other people.

Initially, I also did 20% promotions or referrals. I do many giveaways now as the business is growing. The good thing about working with so many other women is that it is fun to do many giveaways, and it is a great way to promote business.

It is an innovative startup with a unique combination of services. Any advice for such aspirants?

You have to take the chance. I know it is easier said than done, but I just started it without asking any ones’ opinion. Laser machines are not cheap, so it was a considerable investment. I felt stuck initially, but it led me to make it work by hook or by crook, and now the passion of making my clients happy comes naturally. If you have a good feeling about starting something unique, go for it.

Small businesses have been hit very hard during COVID. It has been challenging because small businesses always shut down first. Though there have been no cases registered from salons or spas so far, it was still decided to shut them down because of proximity. A general suggestion to the public is to buy gift cards of these salons for the next year for occasions like Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day, etc., to promote these businesses. In the meantime, many salons are giving online training sessions.

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