AURA AURA: Detroit Based Creative Artist Eileen Lee


Yes, You Have Your Own Atmosphere. Grace Lawson talks about AURA AURA, an experiential portrait practice of Detroit-based creative artist Eileen Lee

Picture Credit: AURA AURA Website

April, 2019, Detroit, MI – From a scientific standpoint, the way that each human energy gives off differentiated yet measurable energy has been investigated. Eileen Lee, an artist based in Detroit, Michigan, embarked on a journey in which she has performed her own creative investigation, photographing individuals using sophisticated technology to document human energy. Lee uses film photography to capture our energy in the exact moment that she takes the picture.

Aura: the distinctive atmosphere or energy that seems to surround and be generated by a person. Not surprisingly, you likely aren’t familiar with the concept of auras and how they work, but more surprisingly, absolutely everything and everyone has one. While they are not visible to the naked eye, auras appear in different colors, each representing different characteristics, energies, and personality traits and can be captured using the right digital or photographical film technology.

Picture Credit: AURA AURA Website

Lee offers a very personalized experience for each individual. Each session with Lee includes one instant film portrait of you in your aura, a guide indicating which colors mean what, and an interpretation by Lee herself of your aura colors and their meanings. Lee allows for up to two people per photograph which is perfect for couples interested in investigating their

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