A Fireplace for Every Room


Wide range of options makes a fireplace feasible in any room in any home

Napoleon Group of Companies
Napoleon Group of Companies

BARRIE, Ontario, October 29, 2020 — Every room can benefit from a fireplace.

No matter the room’s size, configuration, use, intention or placement, and no matter if there is a functional need or simply aesthetics driving the decision, there is a fireplace that will fit that space. More efficient and safer than ever, with a range of fuel options, there is nowhere that a fireplace cannot go.

Traditional wood fireplaces are very much an option, but the convenience of gas is also available. The proliferation of electric fireplaces have expanded the potential placement of a fireplace to essentially any room in your home.

Napoleon Group of Companies

When deciding what fireplace is best suited for the rooms in your home, the home comfort experts at Napoleon offer a few suggestions:

  • Formal Living Room — This room is a showpiece, and you want a fireplace that lives up to that billing. The traditional elegance and charm of a wood-burning fireplace is perfectly suited in this room. The Napoleon High Country series will fit any décor in a formal room, from a rustic cabin vibe to sleek and modern.
  • Family Room — The fireplace is the centrepiece of the room where the family is likely to gather to watch TV, play a game or just kick back after a busy day. The family room fireplace should be cozy and quaint, with little hassle. Get a beautiful flame and comfortable heat at the touch of a button, burning efficiently and safely while blending in seamlessly with the look and style of the room.
  • Bedroom — Add a little romance to the bedroom with a sleek linear electric fireplace. No need to worry about ventilation — just pick a spot where it can hang on the wall, and plug it in. The slim design barely protrudes into the room, and you have the power to switch up the colour of the flame to perfect the atmosphere. These are also good to keep you warm in the winter, or turn off the heat and just enjoy the ambiance of the flames in the summer.
  • Games Room — A built-in electric fireplace is a low-hassle way to add a rich and inviting tone to your games room or rec room. Typically in the basement, the electric unit means there is no need to run a venting system. And the built-in look has a traditional fireplace look around which you can build a mantle, mount a TV or dart board and just generally blend into the laid-back look of the room.
  • She Shed — Extend the use of a converted shed beyond the warm summer months with a minimalist but effective wall-hanging electric fireplace. Napoleon’s Stylus is an elegant focal point, pushing out more than enough heat for your She Shed (or Man Cave). It also features a spotlight for favoured décor items on its built-in shelf and a smart LED, double USB plug for charging your devices.
  • Stand Alone Shed – No need to have your shed, cabin or cottage wired to stay warm around a classic wood-burning stove. Modern innovations slow the burn and boast safety features that will protect your floor and yourself. Secure-lock lever-action doors make it easy and safe to refuel, and a removable ash pan makes clean up a breeze.

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