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Rav Malik is enlightening a massive variety of audiences with his teachings of maintaining a consistently healthy lifestyle. He left medical school to start his own business in 2014 to bring awareness about the significance of cutting-edge preventative healthcare products with our modern lifestyles. Today he works in 7+ countries, operating a successful home-based business with his high school sweetheart and now wife, Kiran Kalsi-Malik.

Rav Malik, Founder, Impakt Life speaking about the importance of scalability and systems in business


Rav, how do you explain the significance of these health products for the lifestyle we live today?

Today, we don’t live growing our vegetables, raising and farming our animals. We don’t breathe fresh nonpollutant air. Those days are gone. In today’s lifestyle, we live longer than ever but sicker than before because our food is no longer the food it used to be like. Also, the meat we are eating is from animals that are fed corn instead of grass. The food industry grows food for profit, not health. Everything is about profit. Our natural food has changed.

So, we need to either remove all this processed food or create our own environment by being strict with our diet or use tools to accommodate our lifestyle in this modern food environment. I completely support that changing the diet and resorting to whole foods is the ideal option, but many people cannot keep it consistent in the long term. The moment you step out of your home, delicious (and processed, nutrient poor) food is everywhere. These companies hire the world’s best food scientists who know how to make food addictive and keep us wanting more. We always crave even more food. A lot of our food disrupts our hormones like Insulin, and this vicious cycle continues until we die of a chronic preventable lifestyle disease. 


So how does a person living a busy lifestyle with responsibilities deal with all of this?

That is where our all-natural science-based products come in. Since a person cannot rely on willpower for very long. We provide people with “tools” to bridge the gaps in their nutrition. Before trying to eliminate anything, I ask people to add two food-based products into their lifestyle. These are not muscle-building supplements, fat burners or detox teas, or weight loss shakes. The first product is a patented blend of several soluble fibers, vitamins minerals. Our soluble fiber-based product absorbs much more sugar and supports healthy cholesterol more effectively than a Metamucil or Benefiber type of supplement, which is usually a single source of fiber and ineffective long term.

Speaking about how willpower is not a reliable strategy for a healthy lifestyle with the modern food environment.

This product helps with the food, but what about when we’re not eating?

The second product, part of our system, is made from a plant called Yerba Mate. This helps in fasting by suppressing hunger and helping the body utilize its fat for fuel. The challenge with fasting is that it can’t be maintained long-term by most people without relying on willpower.

Yerba Mate only grows in this small region in South America. Yerba Mate has been called “The Drink of the Gods” as it keeps people energetic and fresh for the entire day.

What we have done is we’ve taken this powerful plant and supercharged it to be 10x more potent than any Yerba Mate in the market. You get a much more potent effect than regular Yerba Mate, and since ours is hyper-purified, it’s free of toxins, pollutants, and pesticides found in regular Yerba Mate, other teas, and coffees, making it a cleaner and healthier nonaddictive choice.

Is there any specific category of clients you work with?

I work with anybody who has a desire to change. There are very few people over the age of 18 who wake up in the morning feeling great. I teach them a system. They follow it; they feel great. If they’re not happy, they have a full money-back guarantee. It’s as simple as that. I empower you, you change your life, and then through your example, you can empower your family and loved ones.

This is how we make a change on a scalable level. I am not a health coach, nor do I tell people I am. I am a preventive healthcare entrepreneur who teaches people about a system that they can follow based on metabolic health principles. Then because it’s a system and not a coach, they start to tell others, and I have people who have helped members in their own family reduce medications and feel great because our system works. 

Rav Malik; Working from his home office in Toronto, Canada

I am curious to know about your opinion about diet and exercise?

I don’t say not to exercise. It is part of a healthy lifestyle. But exercise is for mental health, building muscles, and many other benefits, but it is not the first step for weight loss. If you don’t fix your hormones and nutrition through food, then exercising for weight loss is like eating soup with the fork. 

I believe that the first step is to control your blood sugar levels. In 2016 Diabetes Canada stated that 1 in 3 people are Diabetic or pre-diabetic in Ontario and throughout Canada. And, if you have diabetes, you are cutting five to fifteen years on your lifespan. I was pre-diabetic at 24 years old and naturally, we’re told to blame genetics. I am no longer pre-diabetic, so clearly, genetics is not the main cause.

How long does it take for one to see the results after following your Feel Great System?

In 30 days, people start feeling great, then they gain momentum. They exercise and want to cook more and try new things. For the first month, I get people to focus on non-scale victories like sleep, energy, hunger, cravings, inches, mood, and skin quality. By the second month, people will start noticing the scale changing. 

A healthier lifestyle is hard to maintain. Youth is very busy to exercise and older adults today are already the victim of underlying conditions. Rav is trying to bring awareness to living a life free of the diseases caused by the processed food.

For further information about Impakt Life and the Feel Great System, connect with Rav Malik

Sarah Syed
Sarah Syed


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