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Kisha Provo has been teaching youth the French language for over two decades; she hopes to see Canada become more culturally prosperous through children’s French education. Kisha runs the online business and has six tutors who are employed from across Canada. They provide options of group or one on one learning for children. Still pushing the envelope, Kisha’s an author of the children’s book: ‘Le Petit Chien’. Kayla Stephens spoke to her to gather more insight into what makes her tick.

Kisha Provo

When and what inspired you to open Fun French Tutoring?

As I have been speaking French since I was about four years old and tutoring French for the last 21 years part-time, I have always had a passion for helping others (especially youth) in the French language.

Many of the students’ parents would ask me why I had not opened a business yet, and it was honestly something I did not think I was able to accomplish.

In 2020, when schools switched to online learning, I figured why not start a business to assist students struggling in French. Then next thing you know, I registered my company and started taking online business courses!

I am so happy that I leaped to start a business helping students create a better future filled with opportunities. I am inspired daily as I continuously work within the French communities and with families interested in the language.

What’s your favourite part of your business?

I love the French language, and our mission at Fun French Tutoring is for all students to be successful in French. My favourite part is working with the students! It is nice to watch our students flourish and become confident in French.

It is rewarding when you hear testimonials from students and their parents. This gives you the motivation to work harder to ensure our students succeed!

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Do you offer special packages / new client packages?

At Fun French Tutoring, we offer a 30-minute free trial for all students. This trial consists of an introduction, explaining the services provided,  and offering one-to-one activity with the student to determine their level in French.

This method also allows parents to share their goals and teachers’ recommendations. We currently offer individual, and group sessions for ages 4-17 and all French levels are welcome.

Where do you see the company headed in five years, / what would you like to see added to your business?

In the next five years, we would love to expand and service more students in French. As Canada is a bilingual country, I feel it is essential for everyone to have basic French knowledge. Learning French can open doors for more opportunities such as post-secondary education, career options, travel, etc.

As our tutoring service is virtual, it would be amazing to create more job opportunities and service people worldwide who would like to speak French. We have had inquiries for adult learning, and I think it would be awesome to add adult French tutoring in the future.

How did you adapt to the new normal, and what do you look forward to getting back?

As Fun French Tutoring started during the pandemic, the “new normal “was a blessing in disguise for us. Both tutors and parents were very open to the virtual offering of our services and preferred it.

Virtual learning is convenient for parents as it saves them time for transportation, and their child(ren) can log on anywhere if they have an internet connection. The children have adapted well, as most of them had already experienced online learning before commencing with us. We do our best to keep students engaged and, of course, have FUN!

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