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common mistakes for international students

Every year hundreds of international students flock to Canada to study. Although Canada is known for its warm nature. However, there are a few common mistakes for international students to avoid


One of the most common mistakes international students make is to isolate themselves and avoid engaging with and meeting new people. We all know that beginning somewhere new can be nerve-wracking or push you beyond your comfort zone, but keep in mind that we are not alone. We will feel more settled the sooner you get out there and start mixing with other students. The same goes for simply conversing or socializing with students from the same country.


It is critical to become acquainted with the environment. Explore the area, learn where the “unsafe” parts are (if there are any), and figure out how to travel around. This will help learn more about the new home, but it will also help you settle in much faster if you are more familiar with the region and how to move around.


It is crucial to talk to people when we face problems. It is imperative we should talk to someone. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or, better yet, our international student advisor, about our problems, no matter how little they are. Keeping things to oneself will not improve the problem. People will very certainly be willing to assist you, as they may be going through something similar or have an easy solution. So, whatever you do, talk about your concerns and difficulties so that they can be addressed. Students should avoid these common mistakes in Canada and keep a good credit score.

Overpaying for transportation

Another important thing that we should remember is learning the public transport. We should familiarise ourselves with our bus routes and schedule before departing for our trip. Taxis, on the other hand, are a good way to travel home late at night. But using a cab every time can put a hole in your pocket.

Compromising safety

When it comes to staying in an apartment there are a few things we need to remember. For example, Do not allow strangers into your apartment complex or dorm room. If you aren’t expecting maintenance or delivery do not hold the door open for strangers. This may appear impolite, but your safety and the protection of your neighbours or roommates it is paramount.

In the end, we should always remember to take care of ourselves because only we are responsible for our own wellbeing.

About the author: Pritam lives in Toronto, currently studying at Lambton College. Pritam is from India and has worked in the banking industry for several years. Currently pursuing Digital Marketing and aspiring digital marketeer.
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SOURCEPritam Saha, Toronto


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