Brampton Immigration Consultancy opens new branch in Windsor

 Expanding the horizons for Economic and Social Benefit


With plans from the federal government to welcome 1.2 million Immigrants to Canada by 2023, the Brampton Immigration Consultancy is extending its support of newcomers with the announcement of its new Windsor, Ontario branch.

Located on 1610 University Avenue West, this new branch will contribute to the recovery of the economy, reunite families, and provide refuge. Currently, Brampton Immigration Consultancy has three Canadian offices, each with a five-strong team of immigration consultants, lawyers, and paralegals to tailor to every client’s needs.

Sandeep Singh, Founder, Brampton Immigration Consultancy

The consultancy is one of the very few in Windsor to provide full immigration services, providing expert advice on tourist permits, study visas, express entries, and business visas for entrepreneurs. Along with its branches in Canada, Brampton Immigration Consultancy also has 13 international offices, with partners in India, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria.

As a licensed immigration consultant with Brampton Immigration Consultancy since 2019, Sandeep Singh has a personal connection to Windsor and sees an abundance of opportunities with the new branch. He explains, “Windsor is one of the educational hubs, with two major institutions (U of Windsor and St. Clair College).

A good number of international students come in each year. It is very close to the US border. Unfortunately, it lacks full immigration firms as of now. There are a few firms, but they are not providing full immigration services”. Being as close to the US border as Windsor, Sandeep and his team want to take advantage of the town’s potential to economically flourish. “Having Detroit as a neighbour, in my opinion, Windsor has not benefited as much economically as Detroit has. Although it is a neighboring city to Detroit. I feel there is a lot of social and economic benefits that can happen in Windsor in the next few years”.

Above all else, the staff at Brampton Immigration Consultancy is diverse and has the ability to connect with anyone looking to start a new life in Canada. Coming from a family of immigrants himself, Sandeep empathizes with potential newcomers, and it is his inspiration for the work he does. ” I was born in Canada, and my parents migrated from India. I have seen them working so hard, and that is the reason I do this.

I chose to go into immigration because I can feel why someone would want to leave their home country and come to a new country to build a life”. Due to their multicultural staff, Sandeep and his team are multi-lingual and can speak the local language of their clients. “One of the major constructs to connecting with someone is the language barrier. We have people who speak French in our office, who speak Punjabi, we have people from Palestine and Nigeria. Having a multicultural staff helps us speak to our clients in their local language that they can understand, helping us connect with them”.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s economic and social landscape has changed dramatically over the last eighteen months. Sandeep considers the universal, yet unique impact quarantine has had on each individual when discussing the major challenges facing potential immigrants. “Immigrants are concerned about the job options. During the pandemic, the work culture has changed quite a bit. Working from home made us a little more reluctant to go back to the office.

These are things we will have to see with time”. However, the new branch in Windsor will allow the Brampton Immigration Consultancy to achieve the main goal of Canadian immigration while gaging the employment opportunities for newcomers. “The basic agenda of Canadian immigration was to reunite families. So, I feel that is going to start happening again. Foreign workers and students will be coming back to Canada.

We have seen in the last year and a half that students went back home and did their learning online. Once everything is more normal, the university and college will open, and students will return. This will have economic benefits as well”. Windsor is considered an educational hub, home to the University of Windsor and St. Clair college. With the return of in-person learning, more students will be looking for work, which will generate more jobs within small and medium enterprises.

“These jobs are actually going to help small to medium-sized businesses because it is easier for them to hire someone for a part-time position. This will not only assist Windsor in economic benefits, it will also help all of Canada”, Sandeep explains. “The opening of the new branch will assist international students, foreign workers, and even Canadian citizens who are permanent residents to reunite with their families”.

Brampton Immigration Consultancy’s work does not stop once clients immigrate to Canada. Sandeep and his team continue to provide services and advice for those who want to become permanent residents. “We will provide them with the relevant information, whether that is the number of hours they are able to legally work or the kind of jobs they are able to do”.

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