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Without assignments, student life is incomplete. These assignments help us improve our writing and analytical skills, whether in reports, projects, or presentations. While certain tasks are exhilarating, others may be downright annoying. They may be tiresome and nerve-racking, not to mention the time it takes to finish them on time. Students prefer to take help from assignment services like, & in these situations to decrease stress and keep on track.

If you have been in that situation, this post is for you.

Prioritize the most time-consuming tasks.

A strong suggestion is to tackle difficult assignments first and then move on to lesser ones. Complicated projects take longer to do, they demand more energy to complete. Prioritize lengthy tasks while planning and scheduling. Even if you know you’ll finish them sooner, give them extra time. Remember to include the editing and proofreading procedures since they are critical.

Minimize Distractions

The solution is to set aside smartphones for a while. Make an effort to refrain from using your phone while making assignments. Inform your friends and family that you need to study and will be unable to respond straight away. (The last line will make your family extremely happy and a little sceptical at the same time)

To Maintain a High Productivity Level, Take Breaks

One of the most difficult challenges for students is to function without taking breaks. Due to a lack of time, they dive into assignments and strive to complete them on time. Our attention span is about 30 minutes. So it’s no surprise that after only 30 minutes of work, they struggle with every assignment. Schedule 5-minute breaks every 30 minutes during the workday.

Apply Tools to Improve Overall Efficiency

We live in a fast-paced era that offers us several opportunities to simplify our lives. Applications are one of these things.

As a side benefit, make use of the following tools:

Grammarly is a freemium spell checker that examines English documents. The programme corrects grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation errors to perfect your writing.

Thesaurus: For specific words, this gives synonyms and antonyms. Every writing becomes elegant and unified thanks to technology.


Despite the fact that assignments are a regular part of academic life, many international students struggle to finish them on time. The above-mentioned article provides helpful tips and strategies for finishing a project ahead of schedule.



Author = Imran Shiraz Memon is always looking for daily hacks to make life easier, and completing college assignments is one of them. He is pursuing Marketing Management Digital Media from Lambton College, Toronto, Canada. You can contact him on Instagram for more food, travel, and anything else to make your life easier and less stressful Instagram/imran_shiraz_memon



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