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More and more businesses are investing in market research to make strategic and critical decisions, especially when the world is navigating the pandemic. Anagha Patwardhan, President of Re-solutions Research Consulting, explains how her company adds value to Canadian businesses, especially in these trying times.

Anagha Patwardhan, President, Re-solutions Research Consulting

Tell us how Re-solutions Research Consulting started? What is it all about?

¬†I am a market research and market strategy consultant with over 26 years of experience in the industry. I was looking for a new direction for my career where I could leverage my experience. I saw an opportunity that larger companies were not utilizing, and I had so much to offer, so why not channel it into an organization that I create and define! That’s how Re-solutions Research Consulting was born. ¬†A vital focus for my initiative was to give different ethnic groups a voice.¬†

Ethnic groups, such as South Asians and Chinese, now have a significant presence in Canada. However, businesses are not adept at catering to their requirements, which is often because they do not know how to go about it. Providing direction to business efforts became the raison d’etre for¬†Re-solutions Research Consulting.

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How does it feel breaking stereotypes as a woman?

We were brought up to believe that there was nothing we couldn’t achieve and have never felt like I was living a stereotype.¬†

When businesses pause due to COVID, how are you managing it in this testing time?

There are a few factors that helped me navigate these times. I was in the nascent stages of my business and had not started incurring too many fixed costs as yet. Also, my business is heavily dependent on IP, so I didn’t have to worry about the office space. Furthermore, I was very conservative to start with and have managed my finances successfully. Of course, I missed out on business development and networking opportunities, given the current limitations of social distancing and limited gatherings.

A virtual meeting in progress where Anagha explains the power of market research

Who are your clients typically?

I work with clients across different industries such as foods and beverages, telecommunications, automotive, retail, transit and several others. 

How is your business doing currently?

My business is starting to look up, with the corporate world realizing that research is essential to stay relevant to consumers and their needs in current times. More and more businesses these days understand the power of research and are backing their business decisions using the potential of research. 

How big is your team?

I have a very small team. Presently, I have one support staff. I have kept the team lean in order to make sure we navigate the current times successfully.

Re-solutions Research Consulting’s offerings

Where do you see your business post COVID when distances will no longer remain a concern again?

I hope to get back on the original track in terms of growth goals. I also plan on expanding into other countries. Once we get back some form of normally, more and more networking opportunities will come up, and businesses can once again reap the benefits of staying connected. 

What help do you think you would need to grow your business in this pandemic?

Current government initiatives have been very supportive of small businesses. In addition, community networks could go a long way towards sustaining and growing small businesses. 

 Any advice/tips to the women entrepreneurs around you?

As a small business owner, ‘ perseverance’ is the most important quality you need to have. There are a lot of ups and downs, and things do not always fall out as expected. You need to have the staying power to continue with your vision. It helps to develop- a strong network and support group of people in your industry. Most importantly, believe in yourself – If you aim for it, You can do it!

Anagha’s consulting firm bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary research techniques and delivers pathbreaking insights to businesses of various sizes to ensure steady growth.¬† Of the different specializations offered, ‚Äėmulticultural research‚Äô is one that stand out. Canadian companies can take advantage of this service to cater to the diverse Canadian population. Re-solutions Research Consulting research consulting also offers shopper insights where companies can learn more on shopper behaviours and draw insights to make justifiable decisions for product launches, store openings, and the like. Apart from these critical areas, Anagha’s firm also offers foundational research and research packages where the firm helps businesses take advantage of data-driven decisions.¬†

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Debarati Mukherjee
Debarati Mukherjee

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