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I read something very interesting that seemed very normal, but I learned the meaning behind it later… “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”Confucius. Coming to Canada the first priority of international students is finding Co-op jobs in Canada or part-time.

The same was for me, learned from people applying on LinkedIn, indeed, and go drop your resume in person which did end with me finding a job at Tim Hortons though it wasn’t a good experience because I really did not enjoy working there, I was working because I had to. Soon I started reapplying and found a retail store job which I really enjoy currently because communication is what I like talking and connecting to people. So, it’s very important to like what you are doing. Similarly for starting your co-op jobs in Canada few things to keep in mind and a few things that you should follow

Being able to talk about something you enjoy (literally any activity) demonstrates your personality, commitment, and experience in that area, and it’s even better if you can correlate it to the job description. Some of the steps that you can follow to find co-op jobs in Canada

Steps to find Co-op jobs in Canada

Know your goals :

Consider the job path you want to take. Examine your past experiences, values, abilities, and achievements to choose which chances to pursue. Which job description intrigues

Plan your job search:

Establish a job-hunting regimen and organize your calendar to look for work. Determine how much time you want to spend looking for work each week or day.

Update and customize your resume and cover letters

Make sure both documents are short and easy to read. Request that your resume and cover letter be proofread and commented on by a coach, professor, or friends. Improve your chances of receiving an interview by optimizing your CV for keywords. If you’re looking for a marketing coordinator position, utilize terms like brand, metrics, KPI, forecasting, and so on. Find more details here.

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Use various job search resources

While manual web searches are crucial, you should also use other tools including contacting hiring managers, searching on social media, attending job fairs, and signing up for job notifications. Use LinkedIn, indeed, etc. to find co-op jobs in Canada. Find more details here.

Research roles and companies

Hiring managers and interviewers value candidates who have done their homework on the position and the firm before calling in for an interview. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. Find more details here.

Follow up with the hiring managers to find co-op jobs in Canada

Send a thank-you mail to the recruiters following the job interview. If they don’t respond after a few days, phone them, leave a message on their professional network, or write an email. Continue to keep adding new skill set, applying for internships to get experience, remaining persistent, and keeping a record of your interviews (position you applied for, referrals, follow up actions, date of interview call and communication)

To summarize, finding a co-op jobs in Canada will be difficult for newcomers to the market, but persistence is the key. It is critical to maintain a positive attitude and mindset. For more details click here.

Students who are new to the field or applying for co- op jobs in Canada with no experience should:

  • Customize your resume for each job posting (identify what skills and traits the employer wants). Even if you lack experience, consider classes you’ve taken, projects you’ve accomplished, internships, volunteering, and so on. Consider how all of this applies to the position you’re applying for.
  • Spend 20-30% of your job search time sending emails to organizations that aren’t advertising the perfect match job — you never know when a company will start hiring.
  • Network as much as possible – referrals are a great approach to get into a firm because you’ll be instantly more trusted and appear to be a lower risk to hire if you’re recommended. If you’re a recent graduate, start by asking former classmates and acquaintances who have already found work.
  • Demonstrate the necessary soft skills — in order to land your first job, or any entry-level employment, you must appear passionate, coachable, honest, and hardworking.

These are some pointers that a candidate might use while applying for co-op jobs in canada and career opportunities, I am following these steps myself. Reach out to me to know more about my journey.

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About the Author: Urmi Patel is a self made Artist, Part time Sales Associate, Full time Digital Marketing Professional and pursuing Marketing Management Digital Media

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