Discover the Magic of Black Oud: Desent’s Elegant Fragrance Journey

A short bottle showcasing a perfume brand
Unveiling the Essence of Desent: Black Oud

Experience the Black Oud fragrance by Desent. It’s a special scent that brings elegance and memories together. This fragrance comes from Saudi Arabia’s history and is made to remind people of the Middle East. Zaina Siddique started Desent to share the wonderful smells of her home country. These scents are timeless, don’t have alcohol, and are loved by many.

A muslim business woman in wearing glassed and a Hijab
Zaina Siddique

Black Oud is the first fragrance from Desent. It’s not just a smell. It’s a mix of old and new, like wood and flowers. When you smell it, it’s like being near burning wood and flowers at the same time. Anyone can wear Black Oud. It’s loved by many different groups of people, including Arabs and Muslims. It’s a special scent that makes you feel elegant and reminds you of good times.

A short bottle showcasing a perfume brand
Unveiling the Essence of Desent: Black Oud

According to Zaina Siddique, Founder Descent, “I introduced my inaugural Oud perfume not only to enhance convenience for Muslims but also to create enduring memories. By wearing the Oud fragrance at various events like parties or weddings, individuals can associate the distinctive scent with those occasions, ensuring a lasting recollection of the memorable events they attend.”

Desent wants to grow and share their scents with more people and are making scents for special occasions such as weddings and they also work with local stores.

Join Desent on their journey by visiting their website or following them on Instagram. Experience the magic of scents with Desent.

Ishmamah Jahan

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