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DentalX is a dental clinic that offers affordable oral health care rates and dental treatment options. Located in North York, Toronto, they have a multilingual staff of dentists and dental professionals that speak English, Spanish, Albanian, and many other languages.

DentalX is focused on making dental appointments an all-around positive experience, so that all of their patients can leave with a fresh and healthy smile. Anaida Deti is the founder of DentalX and she took time out of her busy schedule to speak to us about her business.

Anaida Deti, Founder,DentalX

Tell us how you started your own practice?

I started DentalX in 2013, after working for many other dental offices. Dental offices in Ontario are usually founded and owned by dentists, not dental hygienists like myself. In 2007 the law was changed to allow dental hygienists to have their own offices. This was a new concept for the public and it took some time to really understand it.

What was the vision behind it?

We conceived of DentalX as an alternative option for the public. It’s slightly different from a traditional dental office because we focus more on the preventative side of dentistry. We also offer longer dental appointments that include more extensive oral hygiene instructions that incorporate a lot of visuals.

The office also looks different, it feels like you’re in a spa rather than a dental office. We offer many different relaxing techniques for the patients making the dental appointment more comfortable and less intimidating. We specialize in seeing nervous patients that do not like going to the dentist. Our warm environment and techniques make them more comfortable.

Anaida Deti along with her team

What were the most challenging issues when you started the business?

Starting the business was a huge risk. There are dental offices everywhere and our main competition is dentists who pay thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising. Luckily my patients and staff believed in my vision and saw something in us that other dental offices did not have, which is a good relationship between myself and them. My passion for the dental field and my commitment to taking care of patients was conveyed in the best way possible, and this made them believe in us.

What kind of services you offer? What are the average price points?

DentalX is a full dental office, so we offer all the basic dental services, from dental cleanings and checkups to complicated extractions and implants.

How big is your team?

My team includes two general dentists, four dental hygienists, two dental receptionists, and three dental assistants.

Anaida Deti along with her family

What are your expansion plans do you have, if any?

I will be opening my second location in Etobicoke in the Spring of 2022.

How has Covid19 affected your business? Are clients finding it difficult to do their routine checkups?

Covid-19 has impacted every single business, including ours, even though we are considered essential. We have made quite a few changes in the office to meet the COVID requirements, but some patients are still scared to come in, especially older patients. Also, a lot of patients are having financial hardship and they cannot afford to come in unless it’s a dental emergency. A lot of patients have lost their jobs, along with their dental insurance. We have seen many more emergencies this last year, due to increased stress.

The most common dental emergency we have seen is teeth grinding, which is directly related to stress. Routine checkups and dental cleanings have been postponed by many patients. This will increase the dental emergencies in the near future, which will ultimately end up being expensive, time-consuming, and more painful.

On a lighter note, are there any myths that you would like to clear about dentists?

Dentistry has changed a lot in the last few years, so it’s not as scary and painful as it used to be. The technology has improved and gotten more sophisticated, and procedures are a lot easier and less painful. We find that kids actually love coming in for their appointments, to them it’s fun. This is very different from what it used to be like when I was a kid.

Once things get back to normal, what are the first few things you would like to do?

The one thing I really miss is travelling with my family. I am very busy and my time is very limited so I do not spend enough time with my family. So the one thing I love to do is travel. It allows me to spend time with them and create new memories.

Anaida Deti at Dental X

Any words of wisdom for young women entrepreneurs?

I am a big feminist and I love to empower women. I think that all of us together can change the world. I really believe that women have a special power in them. We can multitask so well that it’s unbelievable. We do not have it easy, because often we have to take care of the family, home, and business. Even though we might make it look easy, we do it day in and day out without getting tired. I have known many strong women in my life, beginning with my mother and my mother-in-law. They have shown me that women can do anything. We need to love and support each other.

Website: https://www.dentalx.ca

Facebook: DentalX

Instagram: dentalx.ca

Twitter: @DentalXsmiles


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