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Architech is a Toronto-based company that builds cloud-based solutions for enterprise companies, in order to best manage the amount of data that is required to run their digital infrastructures. For the past sixteen years founder David Suydam and his “dream team” have been doing just that, working with clients like Rogers, RBC, Canadian Tire, and Cineplex Odeon and building a solid reputation in their industry.

To find out more about what Architech does I spoke with their Marketing Manager. Danielle Pinnock heads up the marketing function of the company and is currently leading the rebuild of their conversion engine.

Architech-David Suydam-CEO and Founder

What services does Architech offer?

We enable companies to accelerate their digital transformation. Many companies know that they have to move to the cloud, so we support them wherever they are in their cloud journey. We help them evaluate their current applications and get clear about the mix of technologies that they need to meet their business objectives through the cloud. We help clients to innovate if they are already in the cloud, using best in class methodologies that enable them to optimize their costs and deploy new features faster. We also provide managed cloud services to make sure that all elements of the cloud are built with best practices. We focus on making complex technological infrastructures. We want the front end experience of a client to be smooth and the back end for the developers is easy to use.

Architech-David Suydam (CEO) and Ashish Patel (CTO) and leadership team in the meeting (Pre-Covid19 Picture)

When was the company established? How has it grown since then?

 We’ve been around for 16 years. In 2004, David Suydam assembled a team of the best and brightest technical experts to solve complex problems for Roger’s Wireless. This marked the first project that would bring together our Dream Team. In 2006 we grew to a team of 20 and they established a set of core values that have lived through and become the cornerstone for us. In 2007 we adopted Agile development capabilities and we introduced that to our enterprise clients. In 2010 we established a UX and design department to solve any complex UX and UI challenges.In 2015 we opened up an office in Poland. In 2016 we earned two Microsoft Partner Impact Awards.

Architech-Danielle Pinnock-Marketing Manager

What do you do differently? How do you stand out from the competition?

Even though we are servicing enterprise clients we are giving them a boutique feel. Last year we won the Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Award, which is huge for this small Toronto company. And it’s because of our expertise and our approach.

Our culture isn’t corporate, even though our solutions are sophisticated. We’re very friendly and that’s the Architech way. One of our principles is “never fail a client” and we put that into practice. Most of our business is built off referrals, and as a result of this and we’ve built a strong reputation. Our principles, along with time, have redefined our identity in the market.

Architech-Team at work-(Pre-Covid19 Picture)

Tell me about the Architech team.

 Our leadership team is very approachable and are very learned in their own fields. The market has dubbed us the “dream team” and we’ve been very resilient to changes in the market over the past 16 years, because of our team and our expertise. Architech has many different people that make it run, including solution architects, front end developers, back end developers, software engineers, UX designers, and product owners. We have two days this month dedicated to our team growing ourselves. We’re becoming certified in Microsoft Azure, which is the cloud platform that we’re on. Those are called summit days, and we’ve dedicated two days towards growing.

 Tell me about the cloud and how it works.

 Remember when they used to have those computers that took up an entire room? Now they’ve brought those down to a smaller set of computers that are living on a server in a physical location. That enables a company to build their platform where they have a lot of data. When you move to the cloud you don’t need to have that physical server available anymore, all of that data lives in the cloud. The data gets transformed into processes. On the back end that would be logistics, shipping, tax conversion, inventory management of the clothing. All of that data is separate, we are working on the infrastructure, the front and and back end, the total platform. As there is more and more data it needs to flow in different ways like cars on a highway. The same applies to these data highways where the infrastructure needs to be stacked strategically and cleanly, ensuring that it’s resilient for years to come.

Architech-Team at work – (Pre-Covid19 Picture)

 How did the work environment change or adapt due to COVID?

 We did have an office with a thriving office culture, and we like it to be a healthy and positive environment. And that can be challenging to do when everyone is working from home. Architect was very intentional in ensuring that we still feel cohesive even though we are all working from home. We are a Microsoft company so we are using Microsoft Teams, which we’ve embraced as our platform. We have a very powerful Talent & Culture team who are always putting on digital events. For example, we’re going to do a digital escape room this month. This is the digital glue that ensures that we can connect, collaborate and communicate.

What is the future for Architech?

Before people were curious about the cloud but they didn’t have that much of a need for it. Whereas now it’s a requirement for business to thrive, especially as the physical footprint of businesses has diminished as a result of COVID and the digital footprint is becoming so much more important. The need for innovative cloud solutions has become top of mind and required for all industries. We want to be a part of something beautiful and help build a better future.

For more information kindly visit:  

Website: https://www.architech.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Architechca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/architechcrew/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/architechca

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/architech/

Ian MacKenzie
Ian MacKenzie
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