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It can be a daunting task to start your own business, and it makes it even more difficult if you are a minority in your field starting during a pandemic.

Everyone who dared to start a business during the pandemic faces many challenges; trying to start up and keep afloat when restrictions threaten to shut them down is terrifying. That is the reason why supporting a business like Drain Domain Inc., Oshawa, Ontario, is showing your support for women and family-owned businesses. Family-owned companies like Drain Domain Inc. maintain both commercial properties and residential properties.

Drain Domain Inc

When you’re in a pinch, you need someone knowledgeable and reliable to get the job done fast, Billy Patrick has a loyal client base, and they have followed him to Drain Domain because of his performance and professionalism.

He has worked with local politicians and even a popular radio station in Toronto. I spoke with Candice Patrick about what it means to run a plumbing business as a woman and balance personal life alongside.

When did you and your husband decide to start Drain Domain Inc.?


We decided to start Drain Domain in August of 2021. We had attempted to create a similar business years before (2014 ), but we ran into some issues. Our newborn daughter was not gaining weight or keeping down any milk. We tried different formulas and even tried soy instead of cow’s milk-based formula. Nothing was working, and her weight slowly declined. Our family physician was stumped.

We finally had enough and went to the Sick Kids emergency room. Long story short, my baby had Pyloric Stenosis and needed emergency surgery. Flash forward to August 2021, in the middle of the pandemic. My children are remote learning, and my seven-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with epilepsy. I need to work, but also be available for my children. My husband was not being treated well at his place of employment, so we decided it was time to start our business.

Billy Patrick , Drain Domain Inc

What defining feature makes your business stand out from other plumbing companies?
Being a female who owns a plumbing and drains business is an outstanding defining feature. I have not heard of a woman owning a plumbing company anywhere, let alone locally. I know companies that employ women plumbers; however, they often quit due to a lack of respect and the wage gap.

I feel we all deserve respect and equality wherever we are employed, and we strive to make sure that will happen here at Drain Domain.

My husband and a business partner have been in the business for over 20 years and bring his experience, knowledge, expertise. He did not like working for companies he felt were being dishonest. For him, honesty and transparency to his clients are essential. Honesty is a critical policy for us, and we think our clients see this with us, which is why they keep coming back.

Drain Domain Inc

Who are your typical clients, and where do you provide your services?

Our typical clients are everybody! We service residential and commercial properties from Toronto to Newcastle. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. If your restaurant restroom is backing up, you will want us to immediately clear the blockage so that your business doesn’t flood with sewage and you risk be forced to shut down. On that same coin, if the kitchen has a grease clog in the sink, you will need that up and running quickly as well to continue with service.

Our residential customers call us for the same problems. Sometimes we have to run a CCTV camera because a blockage cannot be cleared. Often that means tree roots have gotten into the sewer line, which we repair.

When a client has a leak in the basement, and it is not plumbing related, it could be that they need waterproofing. We provide waterproofing services as well.

Drain Domain Inc

Do you offer service packages or promos to new / or existing clients?

We have several things ongoing this year. First, we want senior citizens to be taken care of. We offer seniors a 20% discount on every service always.

Second, we have a promotion that is up and coming. We will have clip-out coupons coming in the mail and will be available for clients online. All they have to do is clip that coupon and present it to the plumber on site. One side is $50.00 off any service, and the other is $200.00 off any underground repairs.

Look for them starting in February, and it’s a great way to save money and is available to anyone with a coupon until January 2023. So, hold onto them just in case!

Billy Patrick , Drain Domain Inc

How has your company adapted to the new normal? What issues did you have to overcome?

The pandemic brought out a unique set of issues for us. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, and I was available to her at any time. Our kids had to learn remotely, and my previous workplace was completely shut down.

Drain Domain Inc

All this while my husband was the only one working, and once my EI ran out, we were strapped for cash. It has been quite a ride, but I am glad that we are doing this together and think we have adapted very well. I love working from home, running the administrative part of the business with my youngest on the other side of my desk, peeking over her Chromebook to ask me a question or tell me something funny.


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